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RetailEdge Island – Mobile Point of Sale the Way It Should Be

All mobile solutions are not built alike. Some are in the cloud, some are sales only registers, some only allow you to access certain features. RetailEdge’s Island mobile workstations are full program versions that allow you to do and see everything from anywhere. RetailEdge’s Island synchronization technology means you can make changes to and analyze your data remotely even when you are disconnected from the internet.

How does our Mobile POS work?

Island mobile POS is simply a full copy of the RetailEdge program and works just like any workstation. However the mobile device (laptop or tablet) has a local copy of your data and synchronizes with the main POS every couple of minutes. Unlike cloud-based solutions, this allows RetailEdge mobile POS to continue running even when is there no network or internet connection

Island will work in any network and when you “unplug” or remove the Island workstation from the network you can continue to work on data while you are disconnected. Syncing between the Island and the Store will resume as soon as a connection returns.

  • RetailEdge Island

    Manage All Your Data from Anywhere, Anytime

  • Sell product at a mobile event or while walking the sales floor with your customers
  • Manage customer and inventory from the comfort of your home
  • Track your sales, inventory, and customers
  • Write your vendor purchase orders at trade shows
  • “Line-Bust” to keep your customers moving through your checkout

Island Mobile Benefits


Automatic Backups

RetailEdge Island keeps a copy of all your data on your computer, as long as you’re synched up, you’re backed up. If something goes wrong with your stores’ computer you can simply send them your RetailEdge backup and get up and going.


System will never go down

Island is the solution when a LAN network or wifi network fails. Island workstations have their own databases and continue to run even when the network is down because the data is stored directly on the computer

credit card processing

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Process credit cards remotely AND track your sales, inventory and customers at the same time. With RetailEdge’s integrated processing options, you know your data is secure when storing or transmitting cardholder data

How can you use RetailEdge Island?

On a tablet, laptop or convertible that might move outside of the local area network (LAN).

For example: Moving a workstation to check inventory at a warehouse location

-Your business has a workstation that might be used for multiple purposes.

For example: Store laptop for home use and at trunk shows, farmers markets, etc.

-Your workstation can absolutely not go down.

For example: Your store sales rely on all workstations to be working


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