RetailEdge Centralized Application Platform (RECAP)

There are some things that RetailEdge and probably will never do. We focus on retail POS, inventory management and customer management. If we feel that a feature is core to retail, you will probably find it in RetailEdge. However there are other facets to running a retail business (i.e., accounting, e-commerce, retail planning, etc.). If someone else is doing it better and more cost effectively than we can, we want you to have these tools available to you but we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. So we created RECAP; a platform that gives you the ability to integrate external services with RetailEdge.

Current RECAP Integrations

Management-One Orbit Shuttle Integration

Retail Planning

Export RetailEdge’s sales, inventory and purchase order information to Management One™ to provide inventory and retail merchandise planning more…

Remote Notification

Automatically send receipt information as it happens from your stores to allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and employees

RetailEdge Dashboard

Remote Notification

Push up your businesses sales information to make it available to the RetailEdge Dashboard on your Mac, Windows Computer, iPad or iPhone

Shopify Integration

Web E-Commerce

Automatically upload your RetailEdge inventory, quantities and price changes and pull down sales from your Shopify web store. more…

Modern Retail Integration

Web E-Commerce

Automatically upload your RetailEdge inventory, quantities and price changes and pull down sales from your WooCommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce web stores using ModernRetail’s Integrator. more…

Ship Station Integration

Web E-Commerce

If you are using ShipStation to process your e-commerce shipping, this utility will pull down sales from these sites through ShipStation to allow you to consolidate your sales and properly adjust your RetailEdge inventory.

Locally Integration

Retail Services

This integration uploads your inventory to Locally so that they can broadcast your store’s inventory to brand sites, search engines and social media. Locally also has widgets that allow you to create e-commerce pages for these brands. This allows your customers to purchase products or choose items for in-store pickup.

Brandify Integration

Retail Services

The Brandify utility works with Brandify to put your store’s inventory on manufacturer’s websites (check in-store availability). This helps bring consumers to your store and provides localized SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Brandify has provided manufacturer online to offline services for over 20 years and works in a multitude of industry’s including; outdoor retail, electronics, durable home goods, beauty & health, moving & storage, fitness and variety of franchise groups.

Quickbooks Online

Accounting Connections

The Quickbooks Online integration allows you to quickly export your register closing summary and account adjustments to Quickbooks Online. This integration is similar to our Quickbooks Desktop export, but was created to transfer RetailEdge’s data to Quickbooks Online for users and their accountants that now work remotely.