Compare RetailEdge POS to Shopify POS Pro

Compare RetailEdge POS to Shopify POS Pro

RetailEdge’s Shopify utility allows you to connect your Shopify online store with RetailEdge to provide your Shopify site with real time inventory quantity and pricing information and automatically import your Shopify sales into RetailEdge. If your store can’t afford to sell items that you don’t have in stock or at the wrong price and you have the online sales volume that would take too much time to re-input manually, then this utility is for you. If you want to find out more about RetailEdge and our integration with Shopify, just email, call us or check out our YouTube videos.

Developed for Retail

RetailEdge is developed by retailers to provide you with powerful features like inventory costs and purchase orders and complex reporting, that you need to run your businesses. Retail is what we do.

Retail Is Different

In store retail POS needs are different from online web cart needs. RetailEdge’s Shopify integration synchronizes the information you need but allows you to manage your in-store retail departments, classes and vendors and pricing separately from your Shopify product types, vendors, images, pricing and collections. Together but apart.

Get Real POS and Pay Less

RetailEdge’s POS connection to Shopify is only $25/month. Shopify POS Pro adds $89/month to your on-going charges. More for less.

Real Processing Options

We offer a choice of credit card processors that should always give you the lowest rates. Shopify’s retail rate is 2.7% + 0¢. Not a great retail rate. And if you choose not to process with Shopify Payments, then you pay 2% of sales. What kind of choice is that?

Scalable and Portable

RetailEdge has features like RetailEdge Island and our multi-location synchronization engine RECON to give you affordable options run your business remotely and scale your POS as you grow.

More Hardware Options

With more hardware options, you can pick and choose what hardware works best for your business. With devices that are retail hardened to deal with harsh retail environments. (We sell our hardware online using Shopify.)

Import your Shopify Data

If you have an existing Shopify online store and want to get all the great features of RetailEdge, you can import your item information and variants into RetailEdge in minutes.

Real Support

In-store retail has pressures you don’t have online. Get access quickly to the level of US-based live technical support you need. Whether you need tier 1, 2 or 3 support, with RetailEdge you are talking to people who develop the software and use it every day to help run our own business.

Added Service

With RetailEdge you have a wealth of services available for you if you need them. From project planning to store design, from training to planning we make sure you have what you need to get your retail business running right.