Compare RetailEdge POS to Square for Retail

Compare RetailEdge POS to Square Register

How does RetailEdge Point of Sale software compare to Square Register? This one’s pretty easy. We are a full POS with all the features you should expect of a program designed to run your retail business. And Square is a credit card aggregator and they make their money from credit card processing and using your data and additional services.

Developed for Retail RetailEdge is developed by retailers to provide powerful features that many different types of retailers need to run their businesses. Square Register is developed by a merchant service aggregator that provides the software to get your credit card processing business and charges $60/month per workstation. RetailEdge pays for itself in months.
Processing Costs Negotiable and Variable 2.75% Square’s processing costs might sound good at first and if you are a micro-business doing only a few sales a day, Square is an inexpensive way to take credit cards for those sales you normally might not be able to process. However, if you start doing any kind of volume 2.75%/transaction can be expensive. The flat rate makes it easy to understand, but not necessarily the best deal. We offer a choice of credit card processors that should always give you the lowest rates. In addition, RetailEdge includes features like loyalty programs, gift cards and gift registry with no additional fees.
US Based Live Technical Support Square offers almost no live customer support for merchants. Can your business afford to be down while you wait for a response from your web submission? If you have hardware issues, software problems, or billing disputes you might be waiting awhile.
RetailEdge’s Data is Local RetailEdge is designed to allow businesses to continue to ring in sales even when disconnect from the internet. With features like RetailEdge Island and our multi-location synchronization engine RECON you have affordable options run your business remotely and scale as you need.
More Hardware Options With more hardware options, you can pick and choose what hardware works best for your business’ needs and budget. With devices that are retail hardened to deal with harsh retail environment.
Lower Starting Costs Ok RetailEdge is not free. So the cost is a little more to get started. And there are businesses that should consider the Square Register. If you have limited sales, and want a quick way to get going, Square Register might be for you. But if you want a serious retail application for your business then RetailEdge is going be a more powerful lower cost option in the long run.