Credit Card Processing

credit card processing

Integrated Credit card Processing

RetailEdge Point of Sale Software works with multiple credit card processors to allow you to post credit card sales fast and seamlessly.

Global Payments Integrated
Worlpay from FIS

Why integrate your credit card processing with RetailEdge?

You don’t have to integrate your credit card processing with our POS Software but there are some great reasons to.

Choice and Price

At RetailEdge we are committed to providing you with real value, not only with our initial software price, but also with solutions that minimize on-going your expenses like credit card processing.  Unlike many POS systems (Square, Stripe, etc.) today, RetailEdge is not just a front end to capture your credit card processing.  This means we:

  • Allow you to use any processor you want. If you want to just place a terminal on the counter not integrated with RetailEdge, go ahead.
  • Don’t penalize you for not using our processing solutions.   Some systems will charge a percent of sales if you don’t  use their processing solution. Not us.
  • Provide choice of integrated credit card processor. This allows you to negotiate the best rate and choose the best solution.  In addition this allows you to choose the best integration solution for your business, whether you want networked, mobile, signature capture or simple pinpad devices.

Security and Safety

All of our credit card integrations are designed to be secure and sometimes go above and beyond the standards to make sure your systems are secure.

  • Provides End to End (E2E) encryption so sensitive card data is encrypted at the swipe and only decrypted at the back end processor.
  • Does not store sensitive credit card data on the devices or your computer
  • Processes EMV Chip Cards for more secure processing
  • Reduces your PCI compliance requirements
  • Provides features that minimize or eliminate customer and clerk handling the devices (turning on transaction thresholds for signature capture, processing debit as credit to eliminate PIN entry requirements, supporting contactless payments, turning off transaction amount confirmations).

Who We Work With

Our goal is to work as closely as possible with the top acquiring banks who actually process the transactions. This removes the processing middlemen (payment processors/merchant service companies, and there are a million of them) and this reduces the costs to our customers. In addition, these companies have the resources to provide you more quickly with the latest innovations in credit card processing, like new payment methods or types. If you are not using our integrated processing, ask your merchant service provider or “processor” who they are using for the back-processing. Most likely it is already one of the ones we use. The banks we work with process for Fortune 500 companies and large national retail chains and process over 50% of transaction volume in the United States.

First Data provides payment solutions for more than 230,000 businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to youthful startups.

Global Payments Integrated

Global Payments, which acquired TSYS and Heartland has now become one of the top five largest acquirers

Worldpay from FIS

Worldpay (combined with Vantiv and then acquired by FIS)is the number one U.S. Merchant Acquirer for transaction volume.

What Features All Our Integrations Offer

Chip EMV cards

Accepting chip cards is the norm today, eliminating the need for signatures and providing you with chargeback protection.

Contactless Payments

Mobile Payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay and contactless cards speed up the checkout process and provide convenience to your customers.

Re-Use Customer Cards

Using recurring tokens to allow your customers to reuse their credit card without storing any sensitive data on your systems.

Transaction Security

P2P/E2E encryption that makes sure the transaction is secure from your store to the processor.


Our integrations are designed to be fast. If your sales process is slow and you can’t move your customers through the checkout quickly, what’s the point?

Error Reduction

Accountants who are sick of reconciling “fat finger” clerk errors love the integration. Integration eliminates errors caused by manually entering sales totals.

How Our Integrations Differ

In addition to the above features the integrations offer, each integration has its own advantages, devices, features and rate structures designed to fit with your businesses needs.

CardConnect’s powerful payment processing and innovative technology comes equipped to meet the ever-evolving needs of merchants accepting credit, helping you continue to grow your business.

  • Flat Rate:Flat pricing rate of 2.5% + $0.05 per transaction**. Learn more, here!
  • Competitive Pricing: Or take advantage of a complimentary rate savings analysis. Learn more, here!
  • Signature Capture Option
  • Device Connection Type:: Network (IP)
  • Supported Devices: Ingenico Lane 3000 and Lane 5000

**Flat rate pricing excludes: MCC 5499 Misc. C-Stores and MCC 5921 Liquor Stores.

Lane 5000

Lane 3000

Global Payments Integrated

RetailEdge integrates with Genius – the platform that accepts every payment, gift and loyalty program, both present and future. As an industry first solution, Genius delivers:

  • Competitive Pricing: Receive a rate quote comparison of your current processing fees.
  • Signature Capture Option
  • PIN Debit
  • Tip Adjustment
  • Line Item Display on Genius Device
  • High Risk Merchants: Special processing available for high risk merchants
  • Device Connection Type:: LAN (IP) Genius
  • Supported Devices: iOS mobile device support (Genius Mini), Wireless device support (Verifone E285), Signature Capture Device (Genius M400), Non-Signature Device (Genius P400)


Genius P400

Genius P400

Worldpay from FIS

With Worldpay, you can accept the most common payment types and card brands, while enjoying reliable uptime, real time transaction viewing and promotional payment options.

  • Competitive Pricing: Receive a rate quote comparison of your current processing fees.
  • PIN Debit
  • Tip Adjustment
  • Wireless Device Available with the Link 2500
  • USB Connected Device (Datacap Integration)
  • Hand Keying without a device
  • Device Connection Type:: LAN (triPOS), USB (Datacap)
  • Currently Supported Devices:Lane 3000 (triPOS), Lane 5000 (triPOS), Lane 7000 (Datacap), Link 2500 (Datacap/TriPOS)

Lane 7000

Lane 7000 (Datacap)

Lane 5000 (triPOS)

Lane 3000 (triPOS)


Web Integration