Credit Card Processing

credit card processing

Integrated Credit card Processing

RetailEdge Point of Sale Software works with multiple credit card processors to allow you to post credit card sales fast and seamlessly.

Why integrated credit card processing with RetailEdge?


Choice and Price

At RetailEdge we are committed to providing you with real value, not only with our initial software price, but also with solutions that minimize on-going your expenses like credit card processing.  Like many POS systems (Square, Stripe, etc.) today, RetailEdge is not just a front end to capture your credit card processing.  This means we:

  • Allow you to use any processor you want. If you want to just place a terminal on the counter not integrated with RetailEdge, go ahead.

  • Don’t penalize you for not using our processing solutions.   Some systems will charge a percent of sales if you don’t  use their processing solution. Not us.

  • Provide choice of integrated credit card processor. This allows you to negotiate the best rate and choose the best solution.  In addition this allows you choose the best integration solution for you business, whether you want networked, mobile, signature capture or simple pinpad devices.



All of our credit card integrations are designed to be secure and sometimes go above and beyond the standards to make sure your systems are secure.

We require that our integrated credit card partners:

  • Have End to End (E2E) encryption so sensitive card data is encrypted at the swipe and only decrypted at the back end processor.
  • Do not store sensitive credit card data on the devices or your computer
  • Process EMV Chip Cards for more secure processing
  • Reduce your PCI compliance requirements
  • Force hand-keying of card data on the devices


Speed and Features

Our integrations are designed to be fast. Because if your sales process is slow and you can’t move your customers through the checkout quickly, what’s the point.

In addition the integrations are designed to give you support the latest payment features that your customers expect.

  • EMV
  • Mobile Payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Multiple payment types like PayPal
  • Provide additional processing flexibility for future payment acceptance methods
  • Allow you to charge customer credit cards on file without storing credit card data through recurring tokens
  • Multiple interfaces and devices (Bluetooth, Network, Wireless, USB)
  • Credit and PIN Debit

Our processing partners

We have teamed up with the following processing partners.  We have chosen these partners because the solutions they provide give you device flexibility, great security with end-to-end encryption, reduced PCI compliance requirements, recurring tokenization (secure re-charging of credit cards).

Give them a call. They will provide you with a detailed pricing analysis that will uncover the rates you are really paying. This service is FREE to all RetailEdge customers, and all of our partners should meet or beat your current quoted providers (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover) rates.

cayan-logoRetailEdge integrates with Genius – the platform that accepts every payment, gift and loyalty program, both present and future. As an industry first solution, Genius delivers:

  • Intelligent PIN steering: Smart device that automatically tries to process transactions as the lowest cost method (PIN debit or credit) to save you money.
  • Reduced PCI compliance frustrations: Secure, integrated payment processing solutions that provide you with reduced PCI requirements.
  • Integrated Signature Capture Device: Saves your business time and money
  • Devote your resources to your core business


Genius Handheld

vantiv-logo-grayWith Vantiv, you can accept the most common payment types and card brands, while enjoying reliable uptime, real time transaction viewing, same day or next day funding* capability and promotional payment options.

In addition to Apple Pay + EMV + Swiped transactions + PIN Debit, Vantiv gives you:

  • Competitive Pricing: Receive a rate quote comparison of your current processing fees and Vantiv’s pricing.
  • Next Day Funding: One deposit for all card brands within 24 hours of batch closure.
  • Merchant Activation: Merchant account setup within 4-24 hours.
  • High Risk Merchants: Vantiv can handle many higher risk merchants that other processors can’t.
  • Security Solutions Suite: Encryption, tokenization, EMV chip card processing, PCI compliance assistance, and up to $100,000 in breach protection

Who is Vantiv Integrated Payments:

  • #1 Ranked U.S. Merchant Acquirer in pin debit transactions
  • #2 Ranked U.S. Merchant Acquirer in total transactions
  • 10 of the top 25 national retailers are clients of Vantiv (Walmart for one – This means they have to have very reliable up-times and performance)
  • 20.1 billion transactions and $726 billion processed in 2014

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