Discount Rules


Discount rules

A real POS system needs to be able to sell fast. RetailEdge’s discount rules all you to manage all your discounts so that your clerks don’t have to worry about applying discounts to multiple items at the time of sale. With the push of a button you can turn on discounts for specific items and customers or for entire departments or vendors. Discounts will automatically apply when you want them to.

Discount rules provide a key element to your pricing strategy that will help your business reach its sales objectives. Discount rules can also help your business enhance its reputation and allow you to provide the best profit for the market demand.

You can see how to setup some of these discount rules on our YouTube Channel.

Group Discounts

Group discounts can be applied to items where you want to discount buying a certain quantity of a product.

  • Entire Departments


Discount your inventory items by a certain percent or amount. Also, set items to a certain price in a department.

  • Inventory Discounts


Discount items by a percent or dollar amount for selected customers.

  • Customer Discounts

Customer and inventory

Discounts are similar to inventory and customer discounts but allow you to set up filters based on both customer and inventory files.

  • Customer and Inventory Discounts

Complete sale (Coupon)

A Complete Sale is not based on a particular file and is the simplest type of discount. This allows you to discount everything in your inventory by a certain percentage or amount. This is useful for storewide sales and can be set for a specific time period.

  • Coupon Discounts

For more information regarding discount rules please visit the RetailEdge Forum.