RetailEdge Version 8.2.82 Release Notes

This update is a major release that improves RetailEdge’s speed and usability and fixes several issues.


New Features and Improvements


  1.  When adding new items to purchase orders, receiving or inventory, RetailEdge will now use the selected department’s default margin to autopopulate the item’s price.  If no department is selected, RetailEdge will use the location’s default margin.
  2.   New location security filter (Reports Misc – Allow filtering for other locations) that prevents clerks who are not authorized from filtering and running reports for unauthorized locations.  Location filter list now shows locations for which they are authorized.
  3. Added new information to bottom of Sales Screen status bar. Including customer store credit, house charge and loyalty dollar balance, stock number, retail (VAT, Extended VAT, Retail VAT price in VAT mode), average cost, last cost, on-hand quantity, department, clerk name and department, and row count.
  4.   New Report – Sales Transactions with Returns that shows any sale for a given period with a return on the transaction.  Report has a payment method filter to allow you to see only sales for a given payment method.
  5. New Price Calculator option for Fixed Margins Based on Cost, that allows you to more easily maintain your price level margins when you change the item’s cost.
  6.  Added PIN Debit to Card Connect Integration to allow Card Connect integration users to take advantage of PIN debit’s lower pricing.
  7.  Added the ability to have PNG images in inventory to allow transparent images to be added to the sales screen buttons.
  8.    Added Sales – Warn if Missing Promotion Code: option to the Misc tab of the Workstation Settings.  This will prompt clerks to add promotion codes to the sale.
  9. Improved performance of Customer MGR Items tab to allow grid to be displayed more quickly.
  10. Added Help file on how to create Subtotals on RetailEdge sales and saved sales.
  11.  Consolidated UI on workstation settings to make workstation set up easier.
  12.  Right clicking on various MGR screens now allows you to select which sales screen you want to copy information into (Traditional, Touch Based Full or Resizable).   This can be useful if you are opening different sales screens for quotes, open orders, etc.
  13.  Updated Shopify API version.
  14.  Matrix Dimension Names are now required to accommodate changes to Shopify specification.
  15.  Changed how RetailEdge handles Shopify’s Picked Up Orders to address change in Shopify specification.
  16.   When receiving transfer orders, the cost and price information for target (to) location is no longer updated.
  17. Added information to QB Export screen to show the export target (Online, Desktop)
  18.  Improved sales screen performance loading larger images.
  19.  Removed duplicate ‘Warning: This item may be priced below cost!’ warning from the sales screen when moving to the Payment screen.
  20.   Added function to prevent inadvertently removing customer from a sale when copying a sale from the Customer MGR or Sales MGR to the Touch Sales Screen and pressing the ESC key.
  21. Added requirement that a customer must be associated with a Wish List.
  22.  Added checkbox ‘Include Zero Balances’ to Invoice History Report that allows you to see only outstanding invoices.
  23.   Added the ability to print the Cash Drawer Calculator to a tape style receipt printer. (*User-Suggested!*)
  24. New items added to a purchase order will now automatically default to the purchase order’s vendor.
  25.  Added a Date Created Filter to Non-Sellers report and Inventory CSV Export to allow you to view items that might not have sold for the period but exclude newly created items.
  26.  Added Visit Count filter to Customer Visit report.
  27.  Added security control to Reset Tax button In Touch Based Sales Screen.
  28.  Added clarification language to the inventory quantity purge: In a multi-location or Island-based based environments using RECON, you only need to run this utility once. RECON will synchronize the changes to ALL locations.
  29.  Removed restriction to edit an item’s quantity on the sales screen for items that have discount rules that might not apply to the current sales location.
  30.  Added new error checking to API server to provide customer with responses when bad JSON requests are received.
  31.  Added the ability to adjust quantities in receiving by pressing the keyboard’s plus (+) and minus (-) keys.
  1.  Cost and price on unposted Transfer Orders is now updated when you save an inventory item and update from receiving.




  1.  Open Order deposit amounts and Gift Card payments on the Touch Sales screens will no longer create a duplicate instance of the payment after viewing the Sales Screen Options.
  2.    Tokens for integrated credit card processing now synchronize to other locations and Islands.
  3. PICs now properly allows receiving against a remote location transfer order.
  4. PICS Copy to PO now copies proper location pricing for all lines.
  5.  RetailEdge no longer displays an error when the first line of the media selected in the Customer Display settings is blank.
  6.  Sales MGR – Reference Fields are now properly updated when triggered from Customer MGR for a sale in a different location.
  7.   Modified RetailEdge Installer to create the RECAP folder with user write privileges to prevent RECAP Global Exception Errors on first run.
  8. Fixed EVariantTypeCastError when pressing the Price Calc button on the Inventory Editor when the cursor is not highlighting a price or cost field.
  9.  Fixed Sales MGR so that last highlighted record is not hidden below the viewable window.
  10.  Navigating certain lists and trying to print the highlighted record will now print the proper record (POs, TOs, etc.).
  11.  Fixed slowness in Traditional Sales Screen when Customer Display is active.
  12.  Payouts for custom receipts now prints payoutID and amount on the receipt.
  13.  Modified starting wizards to allow use of the enter key for faster setup.
  14.  Modified installation routine for client only installation to prevent errors when a connection to the server machine is not available.
  15.  Added additional error checking for LF characters in inventory imports.
  16.   Fixed UI on PICs Update screen when switching between Receiving and Purchase Order as the target table.
  17.  Fixed issue when changing matrix definitions while editing a matrix child that could cause the matrix child to lose its matrix definition.
  18.  Fixed filter screens to better handle locations with a space in the name.
  19.  Recalling a saved sale and copying a sale will now properly add a customer’s store credit to the sale to be consistent with what happens during a normal sale.
  20.  A customer on a sale that you are applying a house charge payment to can no longer be edited on the Touch Sales Screen.
  21.  Starting a sale from the Wish List editor with the Resizable Touch Sales Screen, no longer displays an error.
  22.  Opening the virtual keyboard on Touch Sales Screen no longer prevents Find button from working on Manager screens while open.
  23.  Changing the DB Name in Settings when the Welcome Center is open no longer creates an error.
  24.  Miscellaneous UI changes to Sales Touch Screen to better display post payment buttons.
  25.  Changing databases with the incorrect Register ID in Server Connection settings no longer displays a password dialog box.
  26.  The Touch Sales Screen is no longer incorrectly being prompted to close after adjusting tax jurisdictions when edited from the Options button.
  27.  The Touch Sales Screen is no longer incorrectly being prompted to close on layaway payment.
  28.  Now properly preventing importing of the “ character in inventory, department, class, and vendor, as this character can prevent proper filtering and applying of discount rules.
  29.  Sales Screen now opening correctly from the customer manager when paying on a layaway.
  30.  TOs now properly update address information if location is changed before the TO number is created.
  31.  Search boxes now sort results case-insensitively.
  32.  New, Auto generated, and Load Balance generated Transfer Orders will now use the location’s ship to address on the TO.
  33.  Store Credit – Issued at P.O.S. that prompt for price and are using dynamic cost, now properly create a customer store credit.
  34.  Deleted PO Lines are no longer reflected in Search Screen PO Cost for Active POs when ‘Deleted POs?’ Checkbox is checked in PO List.
  35.  Cancelling clerk list report no longer leaves a filter selection window active.
  36.  Fixed tab order on Island Workstation Settings tab.
  37.  Fixed button text size on touch sales screen when copying a sale and a customer has a store credit.
  38.  Turned off reuse customer card on file for Generic Walk-in Customers for all integrations.
  39.  Fixed new touch screen to make it harder to inadvertently remove a customer.
  40.  Fixed various issues with Zoom buttons and labels for Full Screen Touch Sales Screen.
  41.  Fixed price rounding differences in Inventory MGR and Search screen views.
  42.  Discount form on Full Screen Touch Sales Screen now properly gets focus after entering Clerk ID.