RetailEdge 8.2.86 Release Notes


Published November 28th, 2023


This release adds a brand new Customer Rewards Program as well as usability features and customer suggestions. This release also fixes several minor issues.


New Features and Improvements – RetailEdge 8.2.86


  1. Added a new Customer Rewards Program that provides instant loyalty dollars to customers at the time of sale and provides remaining and current balance on the customer’s receipt.
  2. Added a new incremental search box to Report Selector to make it easier to find the desired report.
  3. Added new Day of Week filter on Customer Rewards, Loyalty filters and Sales Reports. This can help you see which days of the week are best for you.
  4. Added a Combo Search Filter to the Customer and Inventory managers. You can see how the Combo Search works by reading this knowledge base document. (
  5. Added new Sub Tabs on Sales Manager for Store Credit, Loyalty Activity and Gift Card
  6. Added Store Credit and Serial # Tab to Customer Manager
  7. Closing the main screen in maximized state is now saved and the main screen will reopen in maximized state.
  8. Added the ability to import Bin/Shelf data in Inventory CSV import.
  9. Updated Shopify API to latest version.
  10. Improved error messages for QuickBooks Online export.
  11. Shopify orders will now add email addresses to customers if the customer exists and email has changed.
  12. Added new Cost/Price Increase by Percent and Amount buttons to Inventory Price Calculator.
  13. Added better message when exporting to a file that is open in Excel, to let the user know that the file is open and can’t be saved.
  14. Added new Register tab to workstation settings. Register settings were moved from Misc. Tab items.
  15. Added link to Templates page to Help Menu. The Downloadable Templates page provides links to the available templates for CSV and REDI imports, QuickBooks Data files, and Custom Receipts.
  16. Updated integrated credit card processing images.
  17. Copying items to receiving from Inventory Manager will no longer add items with 0 in the Qty to Receive column.

Fixes – RetailEdge 8.2.86


  1. Modifying open orders no longer applies customer discounts to the items already on the open order.
  2. Shopify integration now properly handles in-state shipping taxes for Maine sales.
  3. Customer information with a lot of information will no longer cut off if the information is too long.
  4. Changed default two-line display default message to Version 8.2.
  5. Workstation Label Styles list now ordered alphabetically by name.
  6. Fixed access violation when pressing PageDn key to move between tabs on Location Settings.
  7. Shopify Import no longer creates matrix children items for standalone products (items with no variants).
  8. Quicklist items now work with Quantity Space (entering quantity then space then pressing the touchscreen (Quicklist) item will sell the item with the entered quantity.
  9. Updated focus on multiple inventory and customer manager tabs to allow easier and faster editing.
  10. Inventory import now works with Windows default currency symbols in cost and price fields.
  11. Receiving History Export now converts UTC dates/times to local date/times.
  12. Now including BST_Log (Batch Sales Table) in Island resets.
  13. The Customer Discount Button on Touch Sales Screens now properly displays Price Level Discounts for Customers.
  14. Shopify integration now posts in latest date information when using older sales dates for better synchronization (Island Workstations and Multi-location).
  15. Buttons on menu bar now properly show at startup when RetailEdge is maximized in monitor.
  16. Choosing Memorized Reports from Menu Bar no longer displays error under certain conditions.
  17. Tare Weight Set on non-weighed Item with no scale no longer displays error on Sales Screen.
  18. Fixed display issue when editing the Quicklist in higher resolution monitors.
  19. Customer Manager House Charge tab no longer moves the grid to last record when scrolling.
  20. RetailEdge will now resize images above 4K (3840 x 2160) when adding them to the inventory to prevent out of memory error messages.
  21. Copying an item no longer copies average cost. Average cost will be set to the last cost for the item except for Dynamic Cost items where the average cost will be set to 0.
  22. Fixed available payment methods and available workstations in default Training Database.
  23. Fixed condition that can cause serial numbers to be required for non-entered items.
  24. CSV Inventory Import for an Item that is Both Active and Deleted no longer causes an error.
  25. The Location Settings Misc Tab now properly scrolls with mouse wheel/trackpad.
  26. Inventory CSV Import now allows you to manually change the Item ID Column Mapping.
  27. Added validation to prevent creating Vendor, Department and Class IDs of -1. This ID is reserved for the ~unassigned~ value.
  28. After removing Gift Card from payment, Gift Card is properly removed from the list of payments and the Post Payment button is removed.
  29. Added Cancel Button to Customer Sales Screen Discount form.
  30. Changed buttons on touch sales screens to say Remove Item and Remove All instead of Delete to be consistent with traditional sales screen and to avoid confusion.
  31. Cancelling an Open Order with Serial Numbers now properly releases serial numbers for sales.
  32. Fixed overlapping changes to Hot Keys on touch sales screen, including Alt-O (Convert to Open Order, Alt-N Add Coupon to Sales, Removed Alt-N for New Customer since F3 is enabled, etc.).
  33. The sales screen gift card form can no longer re-add deleted gift cards.
  34. Changed Worldpay TriPOS integration timeout default setting to 120 seconds.
  35. ‘Ship this Sale’ checkbox is now properly checked when recalling a shipped sale into the sales screen from the Customer Manager