November 9, 2021: HUGE New RetailEdge Update – 80 New Features!

RetailEdge 8.2.72 Release Notes

Published November 8, 2021

This release includes a Major User Interface (UI) update to get ready for Windows 11 and to allow RetailEdge to work better on smaller tablets and devices with higher resolutions.  It also includes many user suggestions to make RetailEdge easier and faster to use.  And there are a few bugs that needed fixing.

New Features and Improvements

1. Major User Interface (UI) update that includes bigger and smoother fonts, better compatibility with small tablets, and gets RetailEdge ready for Windows 11

2. Updated Help file

3. New FTP file transfer option in Help menu that allows you to more easily send files to technical support in the event they need to analyze your data.

4. Added new error logging for triPOS Cloud and Card Connect credit card integrations to allow better connectivity and error troubleshooting.

5. New iOS and Android Dashboard functions to allow breakout by Register/Workstation and to allow you to push up selected locations from one RetailEdge location (good for business groups).

6. Added All and None Buttons to CSV Imports to make importing all fields easier

7. RetailEdge will ask for user confirmation if no sales tax jurisdictions are associated with a non-shipped sale.

8. Improved Customer CSV import error logging and status messages.

9. Removed quantity filter from PICs zero function.

10. Wish Lists now support selling packages. Selling partial packages from a Wish List package item will not count against the items on the Wish List.

11. Worldpay Datacap Integration now supports the more modern Lane 7000 and Link 2500.

12. Global integration now supports the smaller, non-signature capture, Verifone P400 device.

13. Now RetailEdge will add customers purchasing from a Wish List to shoppers list if they are not previously associated with the Wish List purchases.

14. CSV Update can now update Transfer Order items in Addition to Purchase Order items.

15. Updated Cloud API Server Manual

16. Added automatic Log Purging on program start-up to prevent large audit logs. User will be prompted to allow bypassing this option.

17. Improved CSV inventory import when Key Field other than Stock Number is selected.

18. Added Clerk Tracking to payouts.

19. Wish List sale items are now indicated in the sale item notes

20. Added validation to prevent merging temporary inventory items.

21. Improved Shopify Integration failure logging for matrix children without parents

22. Improved inventory import performance

23. Improved PICs import performance.

24. Added an option to use Average Cost in the Price Calculator.

25. Improved RECON synchronization.

26. Serial number report now shows quantity logs.

27. Added blind copy to workstation email options to allow customer email (receipts, etc.) to be sent to a company mailbox for logging.

28. Added new Warning for Windows 7 End of Life – Phase 4.

29. Updated DBISAM Server (TDBISAMEngine) to Version 4.48 Build 7 – Introduces New Event Restrictions.

30. Added EBT checkbox in report filters

31. Changed font size on Cash Drawer Calculator

32. Sales Manager find results now includes Register ID.

33. Update Help file to describe Pay-In procedure.

34. Added Multi-location and Local Pickup to Shopify integration for customers using Zapiet plugin.

35. Added tip option to Worldpay triPOS Cloud integration.

36. Added EBT to CSV and REDI inventory import fields.

37. Improved Inventory Quick Lookups in Receiving to prevent creation of matrix children items without proper dimensions.

38. Added ability to copy a Discount Rule.

39. Sales Screen Copy to PO now supports negative quantities to remove expired product or RMA items from inventory.

40. Updated Shopify API Version from 2020-10

41. Added EBT Tracking and Sub-Totaling on Sales Screen.

42. Matrix Parent weight option can now be optionally applied to the children.

43. Matrix Parent class option can now be optionally applied to the children.

44. The Dashboard Currency now matches the location’s currency settings instead of using the mobile device’s currency value.

45. Added Customer Exemption for Tax Jurisdictions to allow customers to have exemptions on certain rules (PST, GST).

46. You can now sell multiples of an item by typing the desired quantity on the sales screen and pressing the space bar before an item is scanned.

47. Added ability to Change Actual Deposit Values from Sales Manager (right click)

48. Added PICS Zero Filters in Audit log.

49. PICS exceptions now show items with incorrect stock type (non-stock).

50. Added a warning in the Shopify integration error log that changing an item’s Stock Number that has Shopify Export tag might affect the integration.

51. PICS Exceptions Report now shows multiple reasons for exception on an item.

52. Added new On Transfer column to Min/Max Reorder Report.

53. Added sale notes on Pick List to accommodate delivery instructions.

54. Improved performance of PICS Exceptions Report.

55. Added a vendor notes column to Vendor Manager.

56. Added a Payment Filter to Payment Method Report.

57. Added UPC1 column to Transfer Order report.

58. Added Coupon Activity Report.

59. Added Best Buyers, Worst Buyers and Non-Buyer Reports.

60. Added full customer information to Wish List report.

61. Added additional confirmation check when changing server connection settings.

62. Added PO Number filter to Sell Through Report.

63. Added Additional EMV Info to triPOS Cloud receipt as required by processor.

64. Best and Worst Seller Reports now show top/bottom one hundred items.

65. Added department summary to tape Style Closing Reports.

66. Closing Report and Summaries now includes actual deposit amount.

67. Want a Report to Calculate Difference Between Closing Report Deposit Values.

68. Added Price Filter to Itemized Sales Reports.

69. Closing Report Should Include Actual Deposit and Over/Under (reprint).

70. Added a Deleted Items report.

71. Added Alias to item lookup when adding items to Purchase Orders, Receiving or Transfer Orders.

72. Added Vendor Part # and Manufacturer Part Number to multiple report filters.

73. Added Last Activity Date filter to Customer Sales Report.

74. Added Created Date Range Filter to Inventory Reports.

75. PICS update into sales screen now warns of exceptions.

76. PICS Grid now shows Exceptions Column in Red.

77. Added Subscribe to Email List Help Menu Option.

78. PICS Exceptions Report now shows scanned Matrix Parents.

79. Added new Quantity Edits Report.

80. Modified posting of Batch Sales Log Table to minimize amount of data generated and to reduce table size.


1. Fixed issue with Package pricing displaying incorrectly with Global Genius terminal Line Item Display (LID) 

2. Now able to send email via Gmail from RetailEdge.

3. Updated SMTP Settings for all Outgoing Email.

4. Multiple Discounts applied to same sale now work with Shopify Sales Import.

5. Updated how we handle Shopify coupon discounts to better handle VAT sales.

6. Changed integrated credit card options to allow voiding of sales on separate workstations without credit cards enabled if user allows.

7. Changed Shopify item import to allow import of items with Shopify variants (RE matrixes).

8. Locally and Brandify now properly exports using UPC1 and SKU fields.

9. Fixed Brandify Export Logging.

10. Changing a customer on sale, now properly updates Wish List Customers.

11. Copy Workstation Settings now properly updates Signature Receipts for Sales Over Amount credit card setting.

12. Package receipts in VAT mode now properly display VAT pricing.

13. Fixed security on Customer Sales Reports.

14. Copying to Sale a matrix parent item from the inventory manager now properly asks the user to select children items.

15. Updated RECON Cloud Server to better handle special characters.

16. Memorizing a payment methods report now properly saves Group by Reg option.

17. Pick List Style Receipts no longer shows “Total Saved”.

18. Deleted register IDs no longer come back after a register with the same Reg ID is opened.

19. Fixed open orders issue when making a partial payment.

20. Wish List now prevents loading of deleted items.

21. Now Disallow Change of Customer to None for wish list purchases.

22. Payment Methods report no longer shows payments for unassigned registers.

23. Labels now show proper VAT pricing in MSRP field.

24. Canceling of open order now removes the open order from open order list within Customer Manager.

25. Fixed Touch Sales Popup Windows positioning.

26. Fixed Cases report freezing.

27. REDI Sales Import now properly uses encoded Register IDs.

28. When printing labels from the Inventory Manager, setting Label Count 0 no longer displays an error message.