Adding a Credit Card to a Customer’s Account

You can’t manually add a credit card to a customer account.   We stopped this feature when we decided to remove RetailEdge from the scope of PCI (PA-DSS).    RetailEdge does not store or transmit any sensitive credit card information.  This reduces our customer’s PCI compliance scope and additionally prevents someone from accessing sensitive data if they were able to steal your data.    In addition with most of our integrations we force entering of credit card numbers on the credit card terminals, to prevent someone grabbing credit card numbers through a keylogger in the event that your computer gets infected with malware.

That being said, if you are using one of our integrated credit card processing partners, you have access to the Reuse Customer’s Last Card functionality.

If a customer is associated with the sale and the customer has used a credit card for a previous sale, RetailEdge can use the previous transaction’s token (again RetailEdge does not store credit card data for transactions).  Pressing this button will allow you to select from a list of prior transactions and reuse the credit card used for one of the listed transactions.

This allows you to reuse multiple cards for customers and will automatically refresh the token if the card is used again.