Anthony Cares: Common Issues: RetailEdge Not Loading, Not Running on Clients, Seeing Island Data, How to Set Up Label Printer

This week for Anthony Cares, I would like to give you a list of common issues we see in the support department and links to our posts that describe how to fix them. This is so you all know what kind of calls we see the most right now and give you ways to fix them without having to call in to (and possibly pay for) technical support when you could do it on your own.

“RetailEdge is not loading on any workstation”

Try a reboot first. (Turn your system completely off and back on again). If that doesn’t solve the issue, try the steps in this guide:


“RetailEdge is running on the main workstation but the clients are not.”

First, check that the clients are trying to connect to the right IP by clicking here.

If the clients are still not connecting, check to see if your firewall exceptions are still in place (Step 3 in the link):


“I am not seeing data from my Island/other stores”

First lets check your Island log viewer. Select Tools | RetailEdge Island | RetailEdge Island Log Viewer

If you are seeing errors like the ones below, then proceed to the next step. If not, please email us ( a screenshot of the issue and we could provide instructions for it.



Second,  make sure that the VPN is working. If you are using Hamachi you can use this guide.

“How to I set up my Label printer”

For Zebra ZD410/LP2824 plus, you can find that here.