Anthony Cares: Tech Announcements for May

Hi all, there have been some announcements in the technology world that could impact you or your business. I have provided a short summary of each headline and what it means to you.


Google Docs is Target of a Phishing Scam.

This is again another reason why you should never open an attachment in an email. In this attack, victims receive an official-looking seemingly harmless invitation to view a Google Doc that a friend sent. It is best to confirm with that person that the attachment is legitimate before opening the attachment. Falling victim to a Phishing scam could expose you and your customer’s sensitive information (credit card numbers, email addresses, passwords, etc) to hackers and identity theft criminals.


Microsoft Announces Windows 10 S

Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop which is running a new OS called Windows 10 S. What this means for you is that if you make any purchases of new hardware, it may come with this version of Windows. RetailEdge will not run on this because Windows 10S will only run apps that are available through the Windows Store. The good news: If you happen to purchase hardware with this version, it is upgradeable through the system itself to Windows 10 Pro, which will run RetailEdge just fine.


Intel Detects Bug that Allows Remote Access on Some Systems

A vulnerability that has run amuck for 7 years has now been discovered on some systems running Intel processors. It allows hackers to gain administrative control over your computer remotely without entering a password (much like our Technical Support has control over your computer when you call in for help). While most systems are not vulnerable, there is still some risk associated with it. The hyperlink above has a link to Intel’s site where you can run a quick check to see if your system is effected.



Microsoft Fixes Windows Defender Vulnerability

Microsoft has issued a patch for a pretty big vulnerability in the way Windows Defender scans Emails or messaging apps. As a reminder, Windows Defender is your anti-malware program that keeps your system free of viruses and other harmful bugs. Defender does a good job at keeping itself up to date,  but make sure your Defender version is 1.1.13704.0.


RetailEdge is ENDING SUPPORT for Windows XP/ POSready 2009 Systems

This is yet another reminder that we are ending support next month (June 18th, 2017) for any customer on any support plan using Window’s XP or POS Ready 2009. systems using Windows XP and POSready2009. We recommend migrating your system to the most recent version, Windows 10. You can read more about our earlier warnings about ending XP support here.