Can I Run RetailEdge on my Mac?

Many new and potential RetailEdge customers ask whether they can run RetailEdge on their Mac. The short answer is no. RetailEdge is a Windows application. At one time, there were virtualization software applications like Parallels and Fusion that would allow you to run a copy of Windows and RetailEdge on your Mac. Sadly, Apple no longer supports this feature.

A Solution for Mac and iPad Users #

We are always looking for a solution for our customers who are Mac users. Finally, we have found something that we feel provides an affordable solution that works well. Installing a RetailEdge Island on a program called Shells.

What is Shells #

Shells is simply a personal cloud computer that runs Windows. This cloud computer can be accessed by any operating system with a simple app or web browser. So, you can access this computer easily on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. And it currently only costs $13.95/month.

Shells Advantages #

Using Shells personal cloud computer has a lot of advantages.

  • Flexibility to grow. As your business grows and you need more power or memory, cloud computers can be easily upgraded to accommodate that growth.
  • One device for many. Your Shells computer can be easily accessed by different users (one at a time). This can be less expensive than purchasing multiple computers for all your employees.
  • Security. Cloud computer access can be managed to prevent old employees from accessing your data and allow access to new employees. If your business changes and you no longer need the Shells machine, just shut it down.
  • Easy separate store multi-location management. If you have multiple businesses that you want to keep separate, this solution allows you to easily create an Island for each location/business/store to allow remote management of each of them from one location.

How does it work with RetailEdge POS? #

Once you set up your Shells machine, we will help you install RetailEdge Island on your new cloud machine and get you set up with our Cloud Services.

How Can I Use My Island on Shells? #

You can use your Island as you would use any regular copy of RetailEdge. It is no different from what you see in the store. You can use Island on Shells for:

  1. A back office workstation,
  2. Third Party Access: Set up a machine for an accountant to have access to your store’s data
  3. A Sales Workstation(no receipt printing): If you are using RetailEdge’s integrated credit card solution with Card Connect or Worldpay you can even process credit cards using an Island on Shells.
  4. Mobile scanning device: Perform physical inventories, receiving purchase orders, receive transfer orders, or add items to a customer wish list (gift registry), etc.

Shells Limitations #

Since you can’t connect to a local printer from Shells, basically the only thing you can’t do is anything that requires printing (barcode label printing, receipt printing).

Want to find out more? Just give us a call or email us and we can help you determine if Island on Shells is the right solution for you.