Customer Management Features

Of course. This is one of the key features of RetailEdge we think it should be a part of any POS software. If you can't tell who is buying what and to be able to help your customers with their purchase histories and be able to contact them to let them know about your sales and specials, and incentivize them with loyalty programs, what good is your POS? Not only can you add customers to your sales but with RetailEdge you do can it quickly without slowing down your lines and even add the customer information to your sales after the customer has left the store if things are way too busy.
Yes. RetailEdge has the ability to provide percentage discounts or provide price level discounting to customers. In addition with RetailEdge's sophisticated discount rules, you can setup discounting for different customers, departments, vendors, SKUs, and date or even time of day. The sky's the limit.
Yes. RetailEdge has a loyalty program built right into the program that allows you to issue points (loyalty $) to your customers based on their sales histories. You can customize the program to limit loyalty $ issued to only certain payment methods (exclude account charges or gift card purchases), total dollars spent (issue $5/$100 spent), maximum discounts (don't issue loyalty on items that are on sale), particular customer interests (only people in a paid loyalty program) and more.

RetailEdge can sell, redeem and track balances on gift cards and can reuse the gift cards once they are fully redeemed.

There are no additional charges for you to do this as you might see with other POS Programs.
All you need to do is purchase the gift cards.
You can purchase them from us or whoever you want.
We can provide you with cards fully customized with your logo and barcodes for about $0.60/each for 500.