December 10, 2021- New RetailEdge Update version 8.2.73

RetailEdge 8.2.73 Release Notes


Published December 7, 2021


This release includes some additional changes and fixes to the Major User Interface (UI) update in 8.2.72. And there were a few bugs that needed fixing.

New Features and Improvements

1. Additional UI changes to better accommodate small screen sizes. These include a new workstation settings options to control grid font size, scroll bars to accommodate smaller overall resolutions, and saving manager column widths. Thanks to all who helped us identify these issues.

2. Improved performance of Shopify product cycles which could take a long time under certain circumstances.

3. Improved Date and Contact information visibility on Customer Activity viewer.

4. Changed Customer ID on Customer Sellers reports to show Customer Name and Company information.

5. Added an option on the Receive PO screen that allows changes to cost to update inventory last cost.

6. Added Wish List security actions.

7. Added PO# column to Sales and House Charge tab in Customer Manager.

Bug Fixes

1. Genius Line Item Display (LID) now properly handles addons and consolidated packages.

2. Keyboard button on Issuing and Redeeming Gift Card form now works properly

3. Open Order payment when using house charges now properly displays correct open order total.

4. RetailEdge’s report status bar no longer stays on top of other applications.

5. RetailEdge will no longer sell a deleted item with same SKU as an item on a Shopify sale unless there is no active RetailEdge item.

6. Improved REDI import to better handle Alias case insensitivity

7. On-screen keyboard now properly works with Clerk ID entry.

8. Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Remove and Cancel on Filter screen.

9. Fixed color on amount due for refunds on Payment Screen.

10. Fixed issue with Locally integration.

11. Double clicking Cust ID field now opens the Customer Manager sorted by Cust ID.

12. Fixed Gift Receipt button action in new compact buttons.

13. Fixed security on Sales with Coupons report.

14. Fixed signature capture support on Datacap integration Lane 7000.