Do I Need an All-In-One Point of Sale Workstation?

All in One POS WorkstationYou don’t need purchase an All-In-One (AIO) system to run RetailEdge. Many customers just use their own computers and just attach different printers and devices to it. But AIOs have their place. Some of the advantages of a dedicated point of sale workstation include:

  • a clean sleek look at the counter,
  • small footprints for businesses with limited counter space,
  • lots of ports for devices like scanners and label printers,
  • integrated ports for rear displays, magnetic strip readers, and bio-metric readers,
  • cable management to hide your cables,
  • colorful wraps so that you can match your store’s branding,
  • flexible touchscreens that can be angled to prevent your store’s lighting from causing glare and minimize any barrier between you and your customer, and
  • fan-less options to improve your system’s life in dusty or dirty environments.

If you go and buy an AIO Workstation, be careful and make sure that it modern faster processors and system specs that give you better POS performance for the life of the unit. Many manufacturers use older processors (not all i3 or i5 chips are the same), provide less memory and lower resolution monitors to save money. When you purchase an POS workstation from us, you can be assured that it meets our specifications and has undergone testing in our labs and has our stamp of approval.