How do I Assign a Department to my Tips?

When using an integrated credit card  processing option to handle tip adjustments (adding a tip item to the sale), it can be useful to have a department assigned to the tip line to help you properly categorize the tips in an external program like QuickBooks.

Since the tip adjustments are handled by the processing devices and gets added to the sale as a non-entered item after the sale is posted, this is handled in RetailEdge by adding the following line to the [General} section of the retailedge.ini file:


Where Tips is the Department ID of the Department you want to have the tips associated with.

(For reference, an .ini file is like a settings folder on your computer that you can change for all things RetailEdge related. Most of the time you don’t need to alter the .ini file, but for something like this, you can.)  More on this definition for your reading pleasure.

The retailedge.ini file is located by clicking on File Explorer at the bottom of your home screen and going to  c:\users\(username)\AppData\Local\High Meadow Business Solutions\RetailEdge 8.2 folder.

These changes should be made while the application is not running. Assigning the tips to departments only applies to tips going forward not historical data.

Doing this way has the added advantage that different Windows users can be assigned different tip departments. And although RetailEdge can handle tracking your Tip Adjustments for each clerk, this can give you additional department level tracking if you have your clerks sign into Windows as different users.

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