How Do I Setup RetailEdge POS in a Multi-Location Business?

Many of our customers are either starting a new multi-location retail business or have continued to grow and are expanding their existing business. So, what software do you need for your multi-location business? First here is some information about how RetailEdge works in a multi-location environment.

How Does RetailEdge Multi-Location Point of Sale Work? #

RetailEdge, in a multilocation installation, is installed with local database in each location. Then every 2-5 minutes (typically) it will synchronize the stores’ data with a master database we set up and install for you. This master database can be hosted by you on your computers, or we can host it for you on our cloud servers.
Why do we think this architecture is the best solution for retailers?

  1. Reliable Data Access. First and foremost, it means your data is local to your business. When the internet is down, or more commonly slow, you can keep your business running.
  2. Fast Data Access. If you have a database with 30,000 items, and need to see hundreds of items in a grid? No, problem. No scrolling from page to page. Just see what you need fast.
  3. Data Management from Anywhere. Since all information on all locations goes everywhere, you can manage pricing, customers, inventory from anywhere. For instance, if a manager goes from Store 1 to Store 2, they can manage inventory, see sales and report on Store 1 and Store 2. The only thing you can’t do is sell from another location.

What software do I need to purchase? #

Here are the different software licenses you may need to purchase.

  1. Main RetailEdge License. One is required for each location.
  2. RECON Synchronization Software. RECON connects each satellite location to the main location. One copy of RECON is required for each satellite location (number of stores minus one).
  3. RetailEdge Client License (optional). Needed for any workstation that connects to the store’s database across the network (hardwired LAN).
  4. Island Workstation (optional) ). An Island Workstation contains a separate database and synchronizes with the main locations database every one to two minutes. This can be useful as a client, when you have spotty wi-fi, or just want data redundancy in the location. Islands also allow you to access your data remotely from anywhere. Island installations do require that you are on a Silver Updates plan at a minimum.

What else do I need? #

In a multi-location business, if you are hosting your own master database, you will need to create a VPN (VLAN) between the stores’ computers and the computer hosting the master database. This can be done cost effectively using a program like Hamachi .
If you have more than two (2) locations, we recommend you purchase a separate computer to install your master database on. You can use the computer one of the main licenses is on, however, this can slow down the POS on that computer if you have more than a couple stores.
If don’t want to create a VPN or purchase a separate computer, you can have us host the data for you. Cloud services are very affordable, especially when you factor in the cost of a separate computer.

Should I Use Your Cloud Services or Create my Own VPN? #

That depends on you. We give you the flexibility to use whatever solution works best for your business. Here are the advantages to each approach.