How to Create A Package in RetailEdge

Greetings from the heart of the Green Mountains (Vermont, USA). As we continue though this holiday season, Technical Support has received quite a few calls for how to create packages within RetailEdge. Hopefully this guide will help! Lets dive right into it:

1. From the Toolbar up top in RetailEdge, Select Inventory > Packages

2. Select Add on the Packages list screen.

3. In the ‘General‘ tab, enter and select the options.

A. Package ID: This will be the SKU that you enter to ring in the package on the Sales Screen.
B. Description: Self explanatory
C. Pricing Model

  1. Set Item Pricing Based on Package Price: RetailEdge will Set the pricing of the items in the package based off of the the Package Price This can be a mechanism for discounting.
  2. Set Package Price based on Item Pricing: The Package price will be the sum of the Item pricing in the package.

D. Receipt Printing Model:

  1. Expand all items and show each items price. On the Customer Receipt the Package component items will be listed out with the pricing displayed on the per item basis.
  2. Print Package Dec/ Summary Only- One Line: The Package SKU and Description will display on the Reciept as a single line item.
  3. Print Package Dec/Summary and Itemize All Items: This will Display the Package as a line on the receipt followed by the component items.

4. Select the Items tab. Select Add.
A. If you selected “set item pricing based on package price”, this screen will appear:

B. If you selected “set package price based on item pricing”, this screen will appear:

5. On The Find Items Screen, search for an Item that you would like to have in the package, then Select OK. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until all items desired in the package are selected.

A. The Find screen:

The Edit Package screen:

B. If you would like to edit the order of the Package Items, you can utilize the Up/Down buttons. If you would like to remove an item, select the item then select the Delete button.

6. During Step 4, if you selected to ‘Set Item Pricing Based on Package Price’:

A. Enter a Package Price here

B. You will see that the information panel will adjust as well as the Unit Price on the individual items.

7. During step 4, if you selected ‘Set Package Price based on Item Pricing’: Note: You can adjust the Unit Price on a per item basis to adjust the Package price.

8. If desired, select the AddOns tab. Select Add to add optional “Add on” items. Once completed/if no Addons desired, click Save.

Note: You can use the Up/Down to adjust the order of the AddOn items or select Delete to remove an AddOn item.

Congratulations, your package has successfully been created!