How to Load Images to the Star TSP 100 IV

Today, our team at RetailEdge will walk you through the step-by-step process of loading images seamlessly into the Star TSP 100 IV receipt printer. This will empower your business to create visually appealing receipts and documents by optimize your printing capabilities effortlessly, and ensuring a polished and professional image for your brand.

1.  In Windows go to Start | Settings

2.  From the Side Bar select Bluetooth & Devices

3. Then Select Printer and Scanners

4. Select the Star TSP100iv from the list by left clicking on the device

5. Then Select Printer Properties.

6. On the Printer Properties Screen you may see Change Properties. If you don’t you can proceed to the next step, if you do select it. You will need your administrator password.

7. Select the Star/Help Tab

8. Then Select Open Printer Utility

9. In the Star Micronics Printer Utility Select the Logo Store

10. On the Logo Store Window Select the Add Button

11.  Locate the Image you would like to use and hit open  * you only have 512 KB of memory available to load images on the device. You may need to downscale the image.

12. You will See a window to Assign A Key Code. It will auto assign one to the image but if you like you can entoer in a 2 digit value. Take note of the Key Code.

13. Next Select Store Logos

14. Once the logo is loaded hit OK on the Success Window

15. You should See the images Key Code Listed in the Printer Logo Memory

16. Next, we would Recommend a Test Print.

17. If you would like to make Slight Adjustments to the Image you can Select the Image from the Top and then select Edit

18.  On the Edit Window you have Slider Options For:
Size (orange) and Brightness (Red) Radio Options for Black and white Conversion Method (Yellow). You can play with these options and hit Test Print (Green) to see your adjustments on the printer. If you are happy with the Adjustments you can hit Okay.
*If you made Adjustments you will have to Select Store Logos from step 13

19. Back in the Printer Properties Window Select the Device Settings Tab

20. Select NVLogo

21. You have Options for Document Top, Page Top, Page Bottom, Document Bottom Select Which ever option you would like. I am going to proceed with Document Top but these following settings can be appied to any of them.

22. Select your Location option and then your position selection from the Drop Down

23. Then Select your Keycode and Hit Apply

24. Select General and Print Test page. You Image should appear at the top.

25. Hit Okay and you are done loading images to the  Star TSP 100 IV!