How to Set Up Zebra ZD 411/410 Printers

This article discusses the set up instructions for the Zebra ZD 411 and 410 Printers. If you are looking for the set up for the Zebra ZD 410/LP 2824 Plus (ZPL), which was discontinued in 2016, follow our link here to be redirected to our forums.

Zebra Site Navigation #

1. Download the latest Zebra Drivers from Printers Support and Downloads | Zebra

2. In the Enter Product Name/Model Number Here field enter in your Printer model.

3. Select Desktop Printer Support for the printer.

4. On the Printer Support Page, select Drivers.

5. At the time of this writing the newest driver is the Version  Select Download.

6. Select Accept and Download.

Driver Installation #

7. Open the download.

8. On the Zdesigner Windows Printer Window Select Next

9. Select the Path (if you desire) and hit next.

10. Hit Next on the completing the Zebra technologies Window.

11. You can uncheck the toggle for View Release Notes if you like. Leave the Check for Run the Printer Installation Wizard. Hit Finish.

12. In the Printer Installation Wizard hit Next to proceed.

13. Select Install Printer Driver.

14. On the License agreement, you can read through and accept the terms if you wish. In order to complete the setup though, you MUST accepting the terms. Hit Next.

15. Select the Port type that the printer is connected to.

USB Instructions #

16. If USB port, select USB port.

17. On the Detect USB Printer Window, if your Printer is not connected, Connect it Now. If Your Printer is Connected, Power off the Printer and Power it back on.

18. You can Change the Printer Name or add in Location and Comment information if desired. Hit install.

Network Instructions #

19. Select Network port.

20. On the Detect Network Printer window If the Printer was found you can select it. If not Select Manual.

21. Select the Printer in the List once again I am Using the ZD 410, it is the 203 DPI version, and it is ZPL. If you are using another type of Zebra Printer, you can select the appropriate version. Hit Next.

22. On the Printer press and Hold the Feed and Cancel Buttons.

23. It will print out a Report Locate the IP Address.

24. Back in the Printer Installation Window Select Create a new network port and hit Next.

25. On the Add Network Port Window, Enter in the IP Address from the Printer label into the Printer Name or IP Address Field. Hit Next.

26. You can Change the Printer Name or add in Location and Comment information if desired. Hit install.

Windows Settings #

Windows 11 #

27. In Windows 11 Select Start | Settings.

28. On the Settings Window Select Bluetooth and Devices.

29. Then Select Printers & Scanners.

30. Select the Zebra Printer.

31. Select Printer Properties.

Windows 10 #

32. If you are using Windows 10 Select the start Menu. Then, select Settings.

34. Select Devices.

35. Select Printers & Scanners.

36. Select the Zebra Printer.

37. Select Manage.

38. Select printer Properties.

Windows 10 & 11 Printer Properties #

39. In printer Properties hit Print test Page.

40. If you get a print you are able to proceed, take note of the printer though, we have seen instances where the printer is in a pause state. If that is the case  press the pause button to allow it to print the test page.

41. Next toggle off Enable bidirectional support, this we have found alleviates some issues that may occur with the Windows Print Spooler Service. you can find that in the Ports tab. Hit Apply.

42. Next Select the Driver Settings tab. Then select Import Settings for all users.

43. We have created a stocks file that can be used for the most common labels we have in RetailEdge. So in the Address bar I am going to go to

44. Select the ZDesigner ZPL Stocks for RetailEdge_2019-12-20.drx file. You may see different Stocks files listed but at the time of this recording this is the best stocks file to use for most ZPL verisons of Zebra Printers using the 8 Series or 10 Series Drivers for RetailEdge. Select Open.

45. Select the Stock option. Take note of the Stocks listed here. These are the Label Sizes that RetailEdge Supports. If you don’t see a Size that you are looking to use, reach out to us for options that maybe available. Select Apply and Ok to save the settings.

RetailEdge Settings #

46. In RetailEdge Select Tools| Settings | Workstations.

47. Select your Workstation Double Click or Select modify.

48. Select Labels.

49. In the drop downs select the printer and the label size and style desired. Select Save when done.

50. Open Inventory Manager, select an Item and print Labels.

51. Enter in the Qty to Print and Select Print

52. Have print immediately (no Preview) toggled off for the test print of labels. *You can turn on Print Immediately for future print jobs in the future. Select Print.

53. Preview Appears like this:

54. RetailEdge is properly viewing the stocks information in the Driver. Hit Print and if your Print you have completed the setup!