Tip #040: Making Your Sales Process Faster and Easier



In one of our oldest customer’s stores this past holiday season the clerks were taking an unbearably long time to create and process a sale with just a couple of items.

Old dog, new tricks? Lack of training? Either way, they are probably not alone. So here are some simple tips to help you speed up your sales:

1. Stop using the mouse. One key RetailEdge feature is its speed at the checkout. Using the mouse is not fast and it takes up precious retail counter space.

2. Get familiar with your keyboard. These keystrokes will make the sales process faster and maybe eliminate the urge to go for the mouse.

3. Page Down and Page Up to cycle through Tabs/Pages
4. Plus Key (+) for exact change.
5. On the Touch Sales Screen, double quick touch the payment method for exact change.
6. Use the Up and Down Arrows to adjust Item Quantities
7. Use + and – Keys to Adjust Quantities
8. F9 to Discount.

*In case you missed it, here’s a list of Anthony’s favorite keyboard shortcuts**

9. Don’t Press the Find Cust(F4) or Find Item(F4) buttons. If you just want to look something up, type in a partial search (i.e., Shirt) of the Find By criteria and press Enter. Retailedge will automatically start searching the database if it does not find an exact match.

10. Try the Touch Sales Screen. The Touch Sales Screen was designed for high volume sales businesses (e.g., grocery, ice cream/yogurt, liquor, etc.) so it is fast.

11. Change Default Sales Screen in Edit Workstation Settings Form (Misc Tab), or
Override Default from Main Menu – Select Either “Sales” or “Sales Touch”

12. Change your Sales – Landing Zone. RetailEdge can start on the Customer Tab/Screen or Items Tab/Screen. To Change the Landing Zone:

12a. Edit your Workstation Settings Misc Tab
12b. Choose “Sales Screen: Skip Customer (Land on Items Tab)”
Note: If you choose to land on the customer screen because you want to prompt your clerks to get customer information, remember the Items Tab/Screen is just a Page Down key away.