New RetailEdge 8.2.65 Update: Quickbooks Online & Much More!

RetailEdge 8.2.65 Release Notes

Published June 16, 2020

This release includes major features changes to the Shopify Integration, adds integration with QuickBooks Online and adds a more robust Worldpay triPOS credit card integration. In addition, this release has several usability and performance fixes.

New Features

1. Added support for QuickBooks Online.
2. Added Worldpay triPOS Cloud integration. triPOS Cloud works with network devices and should increase system reliability.
3. Added support for Shopify in-store pickup.
4. Added support for Shopify online tipping.
5. Shopify integration now imports online sales that are fulfilled, and where payments are captured, in different order from the order in which they were placed.
6. Increased number of Shopify sales RetailEdge can import during a synch cycle. (was 50).
7. Added a new Warning Log to Shopify integration. The Warning Log shows less critical errors that typically do not need immediate attention.
8. Gift Card Number Auto ID now does not include dashes and is only 8 characters. This allows an Auto ID barcode to fit on smaller 1.2” x 0.85” labels.
9. Added Copy Sale button to Saved Sales Manager. This allows you to quickly create multiple quotes for customers and clients.
10. Added error check to prevent scanning of large values in Sales Screen Asks for Quantity items quantity. This minimizes the clerk’s ability to scan bad values into the Sales Screen.
11. Added F3 hotkey to Touch Sales Screen Items screen. Pressing F3 will now display the Find Saved Sale screen. This allows for quicker retrieval of saved sales by scanning of saved sale receipt barcodes.


1. Copy PO button on Touch Based Sales Screen now properly copies items to purchase orders.
2. Customer activity grid now properly updates Status field on Customer Activity tab.
3. Shopify integration now properly handles orders where the coupon amount exceeds the sale amount.
4. On systems using touchscreens, the on-screen keyboard now remains visible when entering customer store credit notes.
5. Changed Sales Screen discount amount calculation for extremely high values (>8 characters).
6. When option to display receipt options is set, full page custom receipts no longer duplicate the selected quantity of receipts.
7. Fixed memory leak in RetailEdge RECAP integration installations.
8. RetailEdge now properly handles Shopify blocking items when Compare at Price is not higher than Sale Price.
9. Reuse Customer’s Last Card function now properly shows card used on a receipt when the card selected is not from the last processed transaction.
10. Fixed red color for returns totals on traditional Sales Screen.
11. Saving sales with items that have quantities greater than one and when recalled may have a Buy X get Y at Z% off rule applied to them, now properly works.
12. RetailEdge now properly sends an item’s taxable/non-taxable status to Shopify for the location in which the integration is installed.