New Update: 8.2.66 Release Notes

RetailEdge 8.2.66 Release Notes

Published August 18, 2020

This release includes features changes to the Shopify Integration, adds RetailEdge Payments to the credit card processing options and adds new discount rules. In addition, this release has several usability and performance fixes.

New Features

1. Updated RetailEdge splash screen and Welcome Center logo images.
2. Transfer Order searches now remember last search criterion.
3. Added Price Plus discount rule. Rules can be applied to the Inventory, Customers, and Inventory and Customers. Rule allows prices to be based on a selected price level and allow prices to be greater than Price 1.
4. Added RetailEdge Payments to credit card processing options.
5. Improved performance saving purchase and transfer orders that have several discount rules associated with the items.
6. Modified Sales Manager colors to allow better display of sales with discounts.
7. Shopify integration now imports sales items with dynamic costs (consignment items).
8. Shopify integration now handles VAT pricing for sales and inventory.
9. Updated credit card processor names due to processor mergers and acquisitions.
10. Added Inventory Alias to Inventory Combo Search criteria.
11. Case splitting now allows fractional values (e.g., 25 lb bag, 12.5 lb bag, 1lb bag)
12. Added warnings to notify user when saving an item with prices that are less than the cost.
13. PICs Updates now allows adding of non-stock items to the Sales Screen and Wish Lists
14. Added a security tag to check when a non-entered item is added to the Sales Screen.
15. Added Ship Station Order duplicates to the Ship Station integration warning log.


1. RetailEdge inventory quantity adjustment date now matches sale date when backdating a sale through the Sales Screen or Shopify.
2. Improved dialogs after completing a RetailEdge backup to better notify user of errors during backup process.
3. Fixed application of discount rules for returns when price increases have been made since the original sale.
4. Fixed issue to allow user access to program when the user sets the security settings timeout value to 0.
5. Inventory Manager Quantity adjustments and running totals now display adjustments to 4 decimal places.
6. No longer display available rules when purging ALL discount rules.
7. Sales Screen with extremely large quantities and prices no longer displays a negative extended price value.
8. Added label to bottom of sales screen to show Retail VAT Price.
9. Miscellaneous Shopify integration stability fixes.