NEW RetailEdge Update: 8.2.69

RetailEdge 8.2.69 Release Notes

Published December 8, 2020

This release includes several changes, fixes, and performance improvements to the Shopify integration, and adds some customer suggested functionality.

New Features

1.  Added Shopify shipping information to sales notes and shipping item description for imported sales.
2.  Added randomized location IDs for multi-location installations.
3.  Emailed receipts now contain signature images.
4.  Emailed Saved Sales receipt attachments are now identified as sales quotes to differentiate from regular receipts.
5.  Added a menu item and enhanced Memorized Report tab text on report selector.
6.  Added customer phone number and email on house charge account statements.
7.  Added Help section to describe how to setup and use currency rounding. Automatic currency rounding useful for international customers and for businesses that have reduced need for small currency during the pandemic.
8.  Added As Of Date filter to Physical Inventory Reports.
9.  Changing the location in the Inventory Search will now automatically refresh the list and display the other location’s inventory quantities.
10.  Added the ability to print a Transfer Order from the Transfer Order list.
11.  Added Shopify Order Setting option that will create new customers using AutoID Cust IDs in addition to First Name and Last Name.
12.  Made system speed improvements to Shopify
13.  New items pushed to Shopify now go up with a Draft status and items that have a Shopify Filter Value and are deleted will get Archived on Shopify. This change takes advantage of new Shopify Archive and Draft functions.

Bug Fixes

1.  Auto-generate purchase orders from the Sales Manager now properly uses sales location’s pricing in a multi-location environment.
2.  RECON Cloud no longer truncates extremely long Discount Rule filters.
3.  Properly identified in RECAP settings that QuickBooks Online integration is available only to Gold level customers.
4.  Truncated quantity values in compound sales report to nearest whole number to allow report to better display quantities when businesses are selling fractional quantities.
5.  Touch Sales Screen no longer changes line item color to show discount when suggested retail price is $0 and the selling price is non-zero.
6.  Added Help on discount PO by Amount feature.
7.  Fast double-clicking confirmation button when e-mailing receipts no longer prevents email from being sent.
8.  Copying workstation settings now copies Worldpay triPOS settings.
9.  Sales Screens now displays discounts out to 2 digits past the decimal. Calculations however still are taken to 4 decimal places as needed.