NEW RetailEdge Update: 8.2.70

RetailEdge 8.2.70 Release Notes

Published February 23, 2021

This release includes some minor fixes and adds a large number of new reports and filters to help you get more information out of the program.

New Features

1.  New Discount Rule Reports. Reports include list of rules, activity date ranges, etc., inventory, customer, and sales-based discount rule reports.
2.  Added ability to track cost on donation round-up sales. Donation round ups now follow the item’s rules for cost (cost, dynamic cost, or department SKU cost).
3.  Added Sales by Package report.
4.  Added Sales by Coupon report as Discount Rules by Category.
5.  Added new Item ID filter for Inventory Manager and Discount Rules. This will allow you to scan RetailEdge labels to create discount rules in the rules editor.
6. Added new option for Summary Payment Method Report which allows grouping payments by register. This will help in reconciling payments with credit card processing reports.
7.  Added Totals to the printed Transfer Order.
8. Added Matrix ID filter to Inventory Manager, PICs reports and Physical Reports to prevent viewing/reporting of matrix parents in report.
9. Added Included Register’s column to the Closing Summary Report selection grid.
10.  Removed the following credit card integration options:
• PC Charge,
• Worldpay (Vantiv) – Out of Scope Legacy (Transentry)
• Worldpay (Vantiv) – Legacy
**Contact us if you think you may be using one of these legacy integrations and we can assist you in migrating to a more secure, modern solution.
11. Modified Sales Shipping report to include Bin/Shelf information for order fulfillment.
12.  Added Matrix Parent Item and Matrix List reports
13. Added PO/Inventory Pricing Differential Report. This can be used to identify items on purchase orders that have price changes and may need to be relabeled.
14. Switched Shopify API Version used to 2020-10.


1. Shopify orders with VAT inclusive shipping items are now properly imported into RetailEdge.
2. Shopify orders with VAT or non-VAT now come into RetailEdge as they were created in Shopify.
3. Best Sellers report now works when Group by Location is checked.
4. Special characters in Shopify Orders (i.e., accents, copywrite, etc.) are now properly imported into RetailEdge.
5. Added additional error checking for internet failures with Worldpay triPOS and CardConnect integrations.
6. Fixed margin and % Sales calculation inaccuracies in some customer and clerk sales reports.
7. Error log messages are now properly created and displayed when there are errors in CSV and REDI file imports.
8. Improved CSV imports when adding new items, RetailEdge will search deleted items and use the most recently deleted ones if they are to be added.
9. When copying a sale if an item has had its department deleted, RetailEdge will update the sale to use the inventory item’s current department.
10. Changed sort order of payout list when performing a payout to alphabetic.
11. QuickBooks export for a remote location now properly assigns the cost of goods sold to the remote location.
12. Fixed quantity discrepancies on price list report and price list (PO Pricing) report.
13. CardConnect integration will now properly allow re-use customer card function to work after voiding a transaction.
14. Fixed issue where new grids turn black when displaying error messages.
15. Fixed alignment of Customer Manager buttons.
16. Fixed access violation when selling and redeeming gift cards on same transaction.
17. Added notification for users of Windows 7 about end of life and support.
18. Fixed issue with house charges when dollar rounding set to $0 in location settings.
19. Fixed issue where 1D matrixes were not properly sending up to Shopify.
20. Fixed authentication issue with Quickbooks Online integration because of their deprecation of Internet Explorer.