NEW RetailEdge Update: 8.2.71

RetailEdge 8.2.71 Release Notes

Published March 9, 2021

This quick release addresses program slowness at startup for customers with larger sales databases. While we were at it, we fixed a few other minor bugs that needed to be taken care of.


1. RetailEdge databases with large sales volumes will now start up more quickly and properly register with our software maintenance plan server.
2. RetailEdge now handles February 29 (leap year date) as ending date on the Sales Comparative Report
3. RetailEdge now limits the maximum number of receipts to five (5), and displays a message when users try to use larger values.
4. Removed blank space from the bottom of the Customer Manager Sales tab date range drop down.
5. Disabled Copy to PO button on Customer Manager for transactions types with no items.
6. Reordering Payment Methods no longer fails when there is an active payment method with the same name as a deleted one.
7. Payouts with an apostrophe in the Payout ID no longer cause an error.
8. Clicking last item in a CheckListBox no longer scrolls and checks the wrong item. This could cause users to select the wrong Vendor or Department filters for reports.
9. Ctrl-Alt-R to reprint receipts now works properly on the RetailEdge main screen.
10. Customer REDI import now works properly.