New RetailEdge Update – Version 8.2.78

RetailEdge 8.2.78 Release Notes


Published November 1, 2022


This release is another major release that includes many suggestions received in response to our email blast asking what do you wish RetailEdge could do. Features marked with (CS) is a  RetailEdge customer’s suggestion.


New Features and Improvements


  1. Modified Touch Sales Screen to allow it to scale and to run non-full screen.  This allows the touch sales screen to work with wider aspect touchscreens and larger monitors and allows users access to the Toolbar when using the touch screen and will stretch buttons to allow them to be larger and more accessible.
  2. (CS) Added Enhanced Search to lookups.  Search allows for ANY or ALL searching within fields.  These options allow to broaden (ANY) or narrow (ALL) your searches.
  3. (CS)Added new Copy Item to Inventory Manager to allow copying of items in inventory in addition to copying items from Receiving and Purchase Orders.
  4. Added New Customer Visits Report.
  5. (CS) Changed Case List report so that it now indicates case parent name, case qty, item quantity and item qty after break.
  6. (CS) Added Sales with Manual Discounts report to show sales discounts not from a discount rule.
  7. (CS) Added images to the touch screen buttons for items that have images.
  8. (CS) Sales screen now suppresses out of stock warnings on case children that have cases that can be broken.
  9. (CS) Added margin column to PO Editor Items tab.
  10. (CS) Added Item Bin and Shelf information to Pick List receipt.
  11.  Added a Reference Number column to the detailed payment methods report (Sales -> Payment Methods -> Payment Methods (detailed))
  12. (CS) Added new option to require Check/Reference Number for payment methods on the sales screen.
  13. (CS) Added new option to display Average and Last Cost on the sales screen bottom status bar.
  14.  SQL performance enhancements for some reports and grids.
  15.  Added better error messaging and trapping for sent emails.
  16. (CS) Added new Warn When No Qty – Confirmation Required. option to the workstation settings.  This option will get displayed on the sales screen when items are not available and will prevent adding items to the sales screen until the clerk enters a confirmation.
  17. (CS) Added CustID filter to Receipt Messages report.
  18. Added proactive Log Master and Log Detail table repairs for multi-location customers who host their own data.
  19. (CS) Added new Available Qty column to Inventory Find screen.
  1. (CS) Tape Style Closing report now has options to include item summary, department summary, or both.
  2. (CS) Quantity Edit Report now has an Action Type filter.
  3. (CS) Added Item Availability Report. The report shows Stock Number, Description, On Hand, Allocated and Available, Cost and Retail.
  4. (CS) Added Traditional Sales Screen shortcuts to Touch Sales Screen.
  5. Added additional messaging to help users prevent item matrix item duplication.
  6. Added button to alphabetically sort matrix definitions.
  7. Added function to automatically update matrix children with new matrix information when a matrix definition is changed.
  8. (CS) Added option to Purchase Order Lines to be able to Copy or Move the selected items to another or new Purchase Order.
  9. Added ability to limit reporting based on clerk’s security location access.


Squashed Bugs


  1. Payment Tab Status bar not properly display the transaction payment information.
  2. New customer display now properly displays information from undeleted registers when a similar register ID has been deleted.
  3. Worldpay triPOS now properly stores and reuses Token information for Reuse Customer Last Card feature.
  4. Updated numerous editors to allow decimal fields to be handled consistently.
  5. Added better validation to prevent workstation settings from being overwritten when editing settings from a different workstation.
  6. Fixed Exception Processing Message error that can occur on startup with certain operating systems.
  7. Tabbing between the Customer and Payment Screens now properly refreshes totals on the new Customer Display.
  8. Fixed overpaying warning text when overpaying a house charge balance.
  9. Fixed display of item image on the traditional sales screen.
  10. Added security tag for Discount Rule List report.
  11. Dynamic Cost Items with zero price now use entered sale price for suggested retail price.
  12. Fixed starting cash label display issue.
  13. Wishlist search criteria is now properly defaulting to selected column.
  14. Fixed access violation when searching clerk list.
  15. When receiving dynamic cost items, RetailEdge no longer adjusts average cost.
  16. Fixed modal result property on several buttons.
  17. Adjusted customer display on first run to move it to bottom left of screen.
  18. Entering more than five-digit prices no longer moves focus way from OK button on sales screen prompt for price items.
  19. On the traditional sales screen payment tab entering a payment amount less than the total then editing the sale notes no longer wipes out the entered the payment amount.
  20. Customer Display no longer gets stuck when switching databases.
  21. When in the receiving list, searching on quantity with letter now displays a proper error message.
  22. Miscellaneous UI fixes to new scaling changes.
  23. PO Pricing on find item lookups, now shows VAT inclusive PO Pricing in businesses using VAT.
  24. Global Genius LID (Line Item Display) now properly updates tax totals when sales screen items are checked/unchecked as taxable.
  25. Pole Displays now work properly with Penny Rounding turned on.
  26. Customer Email Export now properly displays the total number of records (emails) exported.
  27. Fixed Genius 2.0 operation when applying tips to hand keyed transactions.
  28. Shopify integration now properly brings down single apostrophes in the customer’s name.
  29. Finding a PO by Vendor in PO List should now work properly.
  30. Fixed item quantity negative decimal amount workflow issue.
  31. Island/RECON log files now properly show icon in Side Drawer.
  32. When opening Quicklist and closing from Traditional Sales Screen no longer causes problem with selecting icon in Side Drawer.
  33. Updated Help File.