New RetailEdge Version 8.2.53!

RetailEdge 8.2.53 Release Notes

Published April 11, 2018

This release is one of our largest to date. It introduces RECON Cloud and provides many great new productivity features and some minor fixes.

New Features

1. Created RECON Cloud to help make synchronization between mobile workstations and multiple locations easier. With RECON Cloud we can now host your data so that you don’t need dedicated equipment for your synchronization server or have to install and support a VPN. RECON Cloud also allows us to offer you the option of paying for RECON client licenses and Island workstations with low monthly payments instead of a one-time larger upfront cost.

2. The VAT price calculator now automatically calculates VAT pricing for all price levels (Price 1-5). The VAT calculator now automatically populates the calculated VAT pricing when leaving the price field and when saving the item.

3. Added the ability to exempt lines from mix and match discounts to give you better customer discount flexibility.

4. Added the discount rule used for each sale item to the Sales Screen and Sales Manager (e.g., discount rule, sales screen override, package, customer, etc.)

5. You can now delete multiple purchase order line items at one time.

6. Added a Submit Support Request option to the Help menu. This option allows you to automatically send an email to our support department without having to have an email client installed on the workstation.

7. Added Running Qty column to the Inventory Manager Qty History tab. This makes it easier to see your inventory quantity at any point in time or if you are filtering on a particular activity, to see your total adjustments for that activity.

8. If there is information in the Store Note on a purchase order, the purchase order will be displayed in Magenta in the Purchase Order List. This allows you to quickly identify purchase orders that may need special attention.

9. Added a Return button to Sales Manager that allows you to quickly select which items to return from a previous sale.

10. Returns now allow you to return selected items that are part of a discount rule without having to readjust pricing.

11. Added department names to the QuickBooks department mapping memo notes to make the General Journal entry more helpful.

12. Added the ability to sell fractional item quantities when using an attached scale.

13. Added the ability to e-mail wish/gift registry lists.

14. Added UPC filters to the Inventory Export.

15. Added Department and Vendor filters to the CSV Sales export.

16. Added the ability to search the Sales Manager by Purchase Order.

17. The Bin/Shelf location for an item is now displayed at the bottom of the Sales Screen when the item is added to the sale.

18. Added Payment Screen validation that prevents clerks who inadvertently scan barcodes (UPC) into the screen from causing an overpayment.

19. Added a virtual keyboard to the Add Customer screen to allow mobile tablets to be able to enter customer information from the Touch Sales Screen.

20. When creating a new location, RetailEdge now copies the main location’s Make new items and non-entered items taxable by default settings.

21. Added a new Inventory – Matrix Styles export that exports matrix items in separate files by Vendor.

22. Added Inventory filters for Sales Performance by Date Report and Sales by Date – Comparative reports to allow you to drill down on particular items.

23. Added ability to change Clerks on Sales header information in addition to each line item.

24. Added Shopify key value for SKU to be the RetailEdge ItemID in addition to Stock Number. This allows you to hide information about your items when you are using Shopify templates that expose the SKU field.

25. Added a warning message for users whose computers are running Microsoft Vista that we will be ending support for these computers as of July 1, 2018.

26. Added UPC1 and UPC2 columns in the Purchase Order Editor Line Items.

27. Added improved High DPI support for scaling and screen magnification.

28. Improved performance of the inventory quantity purge utility.


1. Packages that have a summary line are no longer added to the sale if the items on the sale are cancelled.

2. Updated the help file to reflect Shopify’s new file permissions options.

3. Updated copyright dates in help file and website.

4. Items that prompt for price and quantity can no longer be manually weighed items.

5. Added new security tags for the customer and vendor activity histories and activity reports.

6. Removed the ability to change package item quantities on the sales screen for packages with summary information shown on receipts.

7. Deleted packages can no longer be added to the sales screen.

8. Items that ask for Price, Ask for Both Qty and Price and Ask for Extended, can no longer be consolidated on the sales screen.

9. Export and import Inventory will now properly export costs and prices to the decimal precision stored in the database (VAT).

10. Shopify sales with discount coupons and shipping discount codes now properly import into RetailEdge sales.

11. Added better error checking to determine if a purchase order should be automatically deleted after being received. RetailEdge validates every line item and only deletes it if received quantity equals ordered quantity (over-received POs will no longer automatically deleted).

12. Now using MID entered on Vantiv integration form to allow proper device initialization prior to saving.

13. Printing summary and individual closing reports now display the Windows print dialog box so that you have the option of sending the reports to different printers.

14. Tax jurisdictions that are deleted with the same name as an active tax jurisdiction no longer causes conflicts.

15. Added an Unallocated Change line to Detailed Payment Methods report to account for change given to non-cash transactions.

16. Added better error checking to prevent creation of matrix parents with quantities that could occur when changing a regular item to a matrix parent.

17. Added better messages to indicate that packages (kits) can’t be used as add-on items.

18. Recently Used Card function is now specific to the credit card integration being used.

19. Sales posting now updates the last action date of an item to UTC time.

20. Matrix children are now added to inventory when they are added to a purchase order or receiving.

21. Price Calculator and Price Tab now display the same calculated margins.

22. When using the Import CSV Update/Replace existing items only (not Items) no longer deletes the class field for all data unless class is also updated.

23. New workstations now default to having a receipt count to 1.

24. Items with sales notes that are to be displayed on the sales screen no longer activate the ask for quantity prompt (soft)

25. Payment Method report with nothing to report will no longer display Rounding as a payment method.

26. Changed installer to support large file sizes by default (maximum file size of 128GB for data, indexes, or BLOBs)

27. Mix and Match discount rule no longer allows blank values for the Buy X or Pay Y values. Pay Y value must now be greater than 0.

28. Receiving a PO for multiple location businesses no longer assigns Price 1 for the Receiving location to ALL other locations.

29. Added better error checking for CSV imports created from Excel.

30. Fixed refresh flashing on Payment tab of Sales Manager.

31. Prevented editing of discount rule coupons on Sales Screen.

32. Packages with Sales Screen item consolidation turned on will no longer discount subsequent package items added to the sale.

33. Updated help file with information on how to insert blank buttons on touch Sales Screen payment screen.