New RetailEdge Version 8.2.55!

RetailEdge 8.2.55 Release Notes

Published June 26, 2018

This release updates our Vantiv integration to support new credit card features, Shopify integration changes to support to their new API and several changes to increase program performance and stability. There are also several small minor program fixes.

New Features

1. Added a new Service Status Checker Utility. When RetailEdge starts it makes sure the RECON Server and Client, the RetailEdge Database Server, LogMeIn Hamachi and Datacap NetEPAY services are started and will start them if they are not.

2. Added a new dollar threshold to the workstation credit card settings to align with the new Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express optional signature capture requirements.

3. Added support for the Ingenico iPP320 credit card terminal and Datacap NetEPay version 5.07.30 with Vantiv Integrated Payments.

4. Now you can copy items into the Windows clipboard from the Inventory Find screen in the Inventory Manager and Sales Screen. This lets you more quickly copy item information from RetailEdge into other programs (Excel or Word).

5. Re-programmed Shopify inventory integration to be able to accommodate major changes in Shopify’s API.

6. Added a Customer ID key field in the customer CSV import to allow changing first name, last name and address information on re-import.

7. RECON table utilities and verifications are now optional. This can be useful for businesses with large tables to prevent these utilities from running during business hours.

8. Updated the database server engine to increase system performance.

9. Added checkbox on loyalty balance report that allows for inclusion of zero balances.


1. Added new security action list items for Recalling Sales and Modifying Open Orders.

2. Item displays now properly handle new donation round up.

3. Deleting items on packages with package pricing based on items totals now properly updates the package pricing displayed in the editor.

4. Packages with package pricing and multiple items now properly rounds the package total on the Sales Screen

5. Fixed Miscellaneous UI elements in the workstation settings.

6. Right clicking on the Sales Manager screen Payments, Customer, Sales Tax and Ship To tabs no longer gives you the option to change the promotion code.

7. Item used for Shopify coupon code no longer displays an error if the coupon stock number matches a deleted stock number.

8. Inventory CSV imports with pricing changes for one location will no longer update prices for all locations on purchase order.

9. Receipts no longer shows the gift cards balances more than once on a receipt when selling multiple gift cards.

10. Purchase Order notes created on auto-generated purchase orders will no longer cause the Purchase Order to be displayed magenta (used to flag purchase order with notes).

11. Miscellaneous RECON modifications to improve reliability of deletions and better local client error logging

12. Added the database server version to Help|About.

13. Filter button on the Island Log Viewer no longer causes an access violation.

14. Changed the tables used in the Inventory Quantity purge function transaction.

15. Tape Style Closing no longer has large margins and extra line feeds.