New RetailEdge Version 8.2.57!

It’s release day again everyone! We’ve released another update for RetailEdge– Version 8.2.57. This release focuses on new features, improvements, and fixes that improve ease of use and speed up your sales and inventory process. Read through the list to see what’s in store for you!

Our Silver and Gold customers, feel free to update now. From your desktop, right click on the RetailEdge icon, click “Run as admin”, then from the RetailEdge home page click Help > Program Updates > Update and voila! Be sure to update at the beginning or end of the day, as it may take several minutes and don’t want to interrupt your day-to-day.

New Features

1. Added support for new line of mobile equipment from Star Micronics. Equipment includes gram scales for businesses that have sensitive weighing needs as well as smaller form factor displays and receipt printers for mobile installations.

2. Added Advanced Options for Item Age Verification. This requires that every item added to the sales screen require age verification and have authorized clerks. Advanced Options also allow Guardianship for item verification.

3. Sales – Matrix Styles Export. This export allows users to better see sales by matrix child. This export will create a file for each matrix definition and will show Quantity, Average Cost, Price, Discount and Margin.

4. Now have the option to not send UPCs to Shopify and to use Stock Number, UPC1, UPC2, Export/Report Code, or any of the Custom User fields to store UPC values and send them to Shopify.

5. Modern Retail Integration now allows passing multiple Tax Jurisdictions to allow web orders to handle shipping to States that require sales tax to be collected.

6. Web API available now for customers using our Cloud Services.

7. Added additional validation to verify proper number of decimal places when reading weights from scales.

8. When item weight changes on a scale, you can now more quickly reweigh the item by pressing the Enter button.

9. Added a copy to clipboard option for the purchase order items grid to make it easier to add similar items to purchase orders.

10. Added New Customer and Inventory Discount Rule List reports.

11. Added a new PICs Zero filter for Last Activity Date. This will allow you to zero out old items and purge these items through the purge utility.

12. New On-Order Report. Report will show what is on-order for a given range of dates. Report helps to determine what needs to be fulfilled (made) for the period and is especially useful when using future date open orders.

13. Printing inventory labels now will remember a default value of 1. This can be useful for customers who are printing shelf labels.


1. Can now run a House Charge Statement from the Customer Manager on customers with IDs that are formatted LastName, FirstName

2. Increased the number of attempts RetailEdge will try to send inventory to Shopify before failing to better handle locations with internet connectivity issues.

3. RetailEdge no longer prompts for User Name and Password when turned off in the Location Settings.

4. Cursor no longer flickers when doing customer or inventory imports.

5. Changed scrollbars on grids for better usability.

6. Fixed typo on Change Clerk Utility.

7. Deleted Devices no longer show up in Workstation Settings.

8. Better error trapping for blank pricing on Traditional Sales Screen.

9. Workstation based security timer is now properly disabled when turning off security.

10. Changed how RetailEdge gets its next ticket number with new or modified sale to be consistent with how RECON cloud generates a new ticket number.

11. ShipStation integration now properly calculates value of Tax Adjustment Coupon on the imported sale, if the value of the Total Sale does not match the total sale due to differences in Sales Tax.

12. Changed how API Post_Sale works when posting DepartmentID. If a -1 is entered with the sale for the DepartmentID, the API will override and use the item’s DepartmentID.

13. RECON Cloud now properly handles fields with odd character combinations (e.g.,??).

14. PICS reports no longer favors deleted items over item that were merged into.

15. Credit Card thresholds now work with Tape Style Serial Receipt Printers.

16. When in VAT mode, RetailEdge now properly shows the correct VAT value for a non-taxable item on a remote display.

17. The scrollbars on the grids now display in classic mode with arrows on the top and bottom and the scrollbar is constantly displayed.

18. You can no longer have an item that is manually weighed and automatically uses an attached scale.

19. Miscellaneous fixes to Shopify Integration to accommodate major changes to their API.

20. OPOS display now properly line wraps after end of first line.

21. VAT Items and scale items in VAT mode now discount properly.

22. Scale items no longer update totals when prevented from being added to the Touch Sales Screen.

23. Buy X Get Y and Buy X Get Y at Z% off discount rules will no longer be applied to weighed items.

24. When receiving items from a discounted Purchase Order via PICs, items will now properly use discounted PO costs.

25. Inventory items and Packages are removed form QuickList (Touchscreen) when they are deleted.

26. Sales Screen Package discount cannot be performed when there are negative items (returns) on the sales screen.

27. Updated Credit Card processing partner information. TSYS (Cayan), Worldpay (Vantiv).

28. Added additional error checking when deleting items to make sure items are not on a purchase order.

29. Recalling saved sales with negatively discounted items will no longer revert prices to regular sales price.

30. Custom receipt now uses the package print options.

31. Added new error check to disable security timers to prevent timeouts