New RetailEdge Version 8.2.59! Welcome CardConnect, Locally, and Brandify!

RetailEdge 8.2.59 Release Notes

Published June 3, 2019

This release contains over 50 new program usability features and adds a NEW credit card processing option from CardConnect. Other notable features include Brandify and Locally integrations, Tiered discount rules, and priority fields for items where multiple discounts apply. Program fixes focused on increasing stability with third party program integrations and overlapping discount rules.

New Features

1. New credit card integration with CardConnect with available flat rate pricing of 2.5% and $0.05/transaction

2. Added Brandify and Locally integrations to RECAP to push RetailEdge product availability and location information to your customers on the web.

3. Turned off inventory quantity calculation on sales screen for non-stock items to increase system performance when selling non-stock items (e.g., coffee, bottle deposits, etc.).

4. Added columns for Export Code and User Fields to the Receiving List. This can help you make sure you have properly marked these fields during the receiving process.

5. Added a priority field to the Buy X, Get Y at Z Percent off discount rules. This allows you to tell RetailEdge which BOGO rule should take precedence when an item has multiple applicable discount rules.

6. The price calculator now calculates cost-plus amount and cost-plus percent pricing. This allows you to calculate markup pricing in addition to standard margin pricing.

7. The price calculator now calculates pricing for all price levels relative to a Price 1 change. This makes it easier to manage pricing changes to all your price tiers by just changing one price.

8. Active discount rules in the discount rule list now display in magenta. This makes it easier to manage your active rules.

9. RetailEdge now supports printing reports to duplex (two sided) printers. A good paper saving option for those long reports.

10. New Tiered Quantity Discount rule. (i.e., buy 1 to 3 items get 10% off, buy 4-6 items get 20% off, etc.).

11. Database engine and development tools updates.

12. Copy to Purchase Order from the Customer Manager now allows you to select the customer’s sale ship to address for drop shipping.

13. Change Sales Department utility now has more filters (e.g., department, class, vendor, etc.)

14. The Saved Sale manager now displays the total for all saved sales. This can be helpful when using saved sales for quotes to be able to quickly see your outstanding totals.

15. Tip adjustments from integrated credit card processing now able to have a department associated with them by adding the following line to the retailedge.ini file – Sales_Depart_Tip=Department ID. This will better categorize sales being exported to QuickBooks.

15.5. Are you guys still with me?? You better be!

16. Added new Find button to Customer Manager Items Tab. This can be useful when trying to look up a customer’s item purchases when they have a long purchase history.

17. Combo Search can now be set as the default on customer and inventory lookups. Allows the combo search to use more fields for the lookups and to identify (with color) the field that was identified in the search. Combo search will now place the columns with the most search hits as the first columns.

18. Island Installations can now be set with their own tax jurisdictions. This will allow RetailEdge island to be used in an area where the tax jurisdiction is different from the attached location’s tax jurisdiction.

19. Table Check utility will now identify tables with partial missing indexes.

20. Provided better error messages with RetailEdge error reports.

21. Added hot key Ctrl-Alt-O (Open) on sales manager to more easily identify which registers have not properly closed.

22. Updated Help file with new features.

23. Added warning screen to Windows 7 systems to help you prepare for Microsoft January 14, 2020 windows 7 EOL.

24. Added Payment Method Mapping in the Shopify RECAP settings that will allow you to map a Shopify Payment Gateway to a RetailEdge Payment Method. This can help you segregate your payment history based on which e-commerce platform the sale is coming from. (e.g., Amazon, eBay, etc.).


1. Worldpay integration no longer prints Business Name on the Credit Card Receipts when the advanced receipt option for printing business name is unchecked.

2. Shopify orders now properly come into RetailEdge if the billing and shipping addresses are not filled out on the Shopify order.

3. Changes to Matrix parent pricing on a Transfer Order now properly populates to the child item’s prices

4. Location lists now all sort alphabetically in inventory manager and the purchase order and transfer order editors.

5. Perform additional checks to make sure that a tax jurisdiction being deleted is not being used by any location.

6. Multiple fixes to how discount rules are applied when multiple rules are being used.

7. Tip Adjustment option with Worldpay integration can be turned on through the program now.

8. No longer allow a Transfer Order to have the same From and To location.

9. Sales Summary Export Quantity, Price and Profit filters now work properly.

10. RetailEdge now properly displays an error when a matrix parent item is added to the PICs list.

11. Adding new items to a Transfer Order is no longer allowed.

12. Shopify orders no longer require a postal code since some areas don’t require them.

13. Mixed case Gift Card numbers are no longer allowed and are forced upper case.

14. Gift Cards numbers created with special characters can now be properly redeemed.

15. Open Order overpayment with balance put on Store Credit now puts the proper amount on store credit.

16. Deleted matrix children can now be added to a Transfer Order.

17. Added stability and performance improvements to TSYS integration for cancelled transactions.

18. Made changes to ShipStation integration to accommodate ShipStation sales being in Pacific Time and not UTC.

19. Fixed error when reordering RECAP application panels.

20. Automatically strip leading and trailing spaces on import files that can sometimes prevent data from importing.

21. Fixed minor security issues with saved sales.

Fhew! We made it. Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for future releases. Who knows, maybe a suggestion of yours will make it into RetailEdge!