New RetailEdge Version 8.2.61

RetailEdge 8.2.61 Release Notes

Published October 2, 2019

This release provides fixes to some outstanding issues in preparation a major release we hope to have out later this year. This release also adds some nice usability features.

New Features

1. Added the ability to reorder and save column positions in Customer, Inventory and Vendor Managers.
2. Included Email in Combo Inventory Search.
3. Improved PICs Import performance.
4. REDI and CSV Export/Imports now allow customer discount levels and percents, birthdays and house charge limits.
5. Added the ability to search for last characters of a serial number on the Sales Screen.


1. SMTP Email Settings user interface now properly allows entering of SMTP settings after changing from MAPI client.
2. Declined transactions with Card Connect Integration now save and print required declined receipts.
3. Added better error messages when using multiple sales screen’s and the Genius Line Item Display (LID)
4. Improved Modern Retail error checking to prevent downloading duplicate orders.
5. RECON Cloud improvements to provide better error messages with local and server timestamps.
6. Changed location list orders to be case insensitive to allow for upper- and lower-case names to be grouped together.
7. Fixed alternative IP address to allow users to properly retrieve Gold and Silver statuses if the primary DNS is not working.
8. Fixed Customer Manager form size restrictions.
9. Activity Notes now only allows 50 characters to be entered to match the field size.
10. Purchase Order Auto Generation now prompts user to make sure that you want to create the purchase orders (to prevent mistakenly creating a large number of POs that need to be deleted).
11. RetailEdge no longer allows creation of a DEBIT payment media to prevent conflicts with existing DEBIT CARD payment created with integrated credit card processing.
12. Fixed prioritization of Buy X Get Y at Z Percent Off Item discount rule.
13. Improved error messages when deleting purchase orders.
14. Finding a customer from the Sales Manager now list transactions from newest to oldest.
15. Serial numbers can no longer have leading spaces.
16. Combo search in Vendor Manager is now disabled.
17. RetailEdge Island no longer throws LogMeIn Hamachi error when using RetailEdge Cloud Services.
18. Only fields included in combo search are shown in magenta to highlight items included in combo search.
19. $0 sale (exchanges, etc.) no longer allows closing sales screen without prompting.
20. Age verification now properly checks and does not allow for entering a future date when verifying ages on the sales screen.
21. Fixed cursor location on age-verification notes field.
22. Improved Payment Methods report performance.
23. Fixed returns issue with Card Connect integration.
24. Changes to parent matrix items now save discount rules out to children items.
25. Modified forms that allow assigning a matrix parent to a non-matrix item.
26. Purge Utility now checks Addons to make sure that the item can be deleted.
27. Copying a sale to a purchase order for a location other than your location will now properly display the items on the PO when selecting to edit the PO after the copy.
28. When Case Reorder is enabled, the quantity on PO is no longer ignored when reordering based on min/max for non case children items.
29. Complete Sales Amount Off discount now works when you have the option for Sales Returns can NOT be mixed with sales option set.
30. Fixed application of customer item percent discount rule when multiple rules apply.
31. Improved reliability of licensing status in environments with slow networks environments.
32. Limited the Customer, Inventory, PO, TO, Vendor and Activity Notes to 32,000 characters (roughly 4000 words) to allow better synchronization.
33. RECON now properly synchronizes deleted sales tax exceptions.
34. Copy Workstation Settings now properly handles all new workstation settings for CardConnect.