New RetailEdge Version 8.2.84 Release Notes

RetailEdge 8.2.84 Release Notes

Published September 19, 2023

This release is a major release that adds new UI features, Purchase Order CSV imports, serialization changes, credit card integration features, and improves usability and reliability.  It also includes many fixes.


New Features and Improvements

  1. Added Purchase Order (CSV) import to make it easier for users to import vendor Purchase Orders.
  2. The Sales Screen now has status bar options that show a Customer’s Last Visit Date as well as Total Sales, Average Sales and Visit Counts for a number of date ranges.
  3. Serial number items can no longer be consolidated and can only have a quantity of one per line. Returns must be made using the return button or Ctrl-Alt-N.
  4. Added Load Item with Default Quantity to the Misc option in the Inventory Editor to allow multiple quantities (and negatives) to be added to the Sales Screen by default.
  5. PO Price on find window no longer shows PO Pricing on fully received POs as well as deleted POs.
  6. Added new warning on startup that will let users know if the computer has not been restarted in 14 days. We recommend restarting your computer at least once per week.
  7. Changed editors with large numbers of tabbed pages, to have a left-hand sidebar to make these easier to navigate.
  8. Added ability to search for Sales Notes on Sales Manager.
  9. RECON Cloud API – Mapping File – now can whitelist against URLs.
  10. Added better error checking with serial numbers.
  11. Recalling and Copying Sale and Open Order sales now prompt to serial numbers when serial number item are on the transaction.
  12. Added modifications to PO_REDI_Get Function API Function.
  13. Added description to display when weighing an item.
  14. Increased performance when changing PICs target to Purchase Order.
  15. Added an option to show gift card numbers and balances on the bottom of a receipt.
  16. Added workflow improvements in Sales Touch Screen.
  17. Added error to Quicklist form when entering character labels longer than the 30-character limit.
  18. Relocated the Compound Report Suite to the root of the Reports Folder.
  19. Added New Right Click Popup Menu, Copy to Clipboard and Export File, to Island and RECON Log Viewer
  20. Added Integrated Credit Card Error Messages to the Sale Note field.
  21. Added Customer Discount values to Cust_Get and Cust_Post API functions.
  22. Card Connect after cancel request now re-prompts for PIN if PIN Debit Option is turned on.
  23. Changed Card Connect integration for returns to use a newly supported endpoint to streamline and speed up process.
  24. Changed Server Connection settings to allow user to select the grid refresh rate. This can be useful if using a slower LAN connection.
  25. Changed Credit Card Integration screen labels for insert/swipe and hand keyed options.
  26. Changed RECON Cloud logging.
  27. Added new Matrix ID filter to Matrix Definition list.
  28. Improved speed of opening and printing of purchase orders for users with large number of historical purchase orders.
  29. Pre-entering of a check/ref number on a payment method on the Touch Sales screen is now available.
  30. Added RECON server procedures (Table Comparison) to better identify and fix problems with synchronization if they occur.
  31. Added backup warning and confirmation to try to make sure that a backup is made before importing data.
  32. Prompt for Quantity with large quantities now asks the user to confirm for quantities larger than 999,999 to prevent inadvertent scans from being entered as quantities.
  33. Added new verification step to prevent creation of duplicate Register IDs.
  34. Export files (request and response) to QuickBooks are no longer encrypted to make it easier for users to troubleshoot when an error occurs.
  35. Changed QuickBooks export mapping labels from Layaway to Layaway/Open Order.
  36. Changed Package sales screen loading. Items with prompt for Quantity or Price will load in the package quantity and pricing and ignore the prompt.



  1. Added additional procedures to prevent sales posting and to check processor server if the credit card log file is damaged.
  2. Fixed field tab order on Location Editor
  3. Sales Screen totals are now properly updated when doing customer percentage discounts.
  4. Fixed issue when accepting a tip on a House Charge Payment Using Global Integrated Payments.
  5. Fixed miscellaneous UI issues with left icon tray.
  6. Cloud API no longer limits customer notes to 50 characters.
  7. Shopify order import will now fail if sale customer import fails.
  8. Fixed Description filter in Matrix Definition list.
  9. Quantity Space Scan method on Touch Based Sales Screen now enters the proper quantity when using Quicklist.
  10. Fixed focus on last added payment method after removing a payment method on payment screen.
  11. Post payment button no longer disappears after using gift card.
  12. Using matrix parent search now properly displays associated children.
  13. Reprinting tape style serial receipts in VAT mode no longer generates an access violation.
  14. Running sales purge twice no longer displays error on second attempt.
  15. Edit Workstation Receipt Printer label is no longer truncated.
  16. The Customer Manager Items Tab now properly disables options if the customer does not have any sales history.
  17. Fixed margin limits margins to a range of 0-100 on department margins and 0-99 on price calculator.
  18. Decreased timeout value when processing using Global Genius device when the device can’t be contacted.
  19. Fixed issue with API Cust_Post function when appending a new customer.
  20. QuickBooks Online export no longer attempts to map subcategories for deleted departments.
  21. Improved ability to select date from date/time picker on Age Verification screen.
  22. Fixed issue with triPOS integration where unrecognized card types could default to change.
  23. Fixed typo on Customer Editor.
  24. EBT field is now displayed in the REDI import mapping screen.
  25. Fixed security tags and names for rebuilding indexes.
  26. Updating Receiving now validates Recv_Loc Records Exist. This can be an issue for multi-location businesses and Island workstations.
  27. Now Next Button on Quick Table Check is now properly disabled after the Index Check.
  28. Adding a Matrix Child to Receiving from Parent no longer removes the discounts associated with the item.
  29. Backups of very large databases no longer fail.
  30. Best Sellers Reports Location filter now works properly.
  31. Cancelling Open Orders with deposit now properly works with credit card integrations.
  32. Cancel open order no longer loses payment info when changing tabs on full size Touch Sales Screen.
  33. Cost value on purchase orders now properly follows Location Price Updating Settings.
  34. Autogenerate PO location filter settings now properly follow security settings.
  35. Consolidated items checkbox on sales screen no longer overrides splitting out of items with discount rules that can’t be consolidated (i.e., mix and match, buy x, etc.).
  36. New client installations no longer overwrite existing location settings.
  37. All/None Buttons Under Locations Tab of Dashboard now work properly.
  38. RECAP settings now properly display App statuses after a restore.
  39. Receive TO security no longer uses Receive PO Action Item for security.
  40. Reprint Closing Report – Summary Close – Open Order Payment (Complete) value is no longer doubled when there are duplicated Register IDs.
  41. Temporary items created on a PO are now being properly deleted if never received or sold.
  42. Fixed potential memory leak with Reuse Card On File function.
  43. Fixed and updated miscellaneous Help topics to reflect new features.