New RetailEdge Update: 8.2.76

RetailEdge 8.2.76 Release Notes
Published August 9, 2022


This release adds a large number of new user-suggested features and takes care of a few bugs that needed to be squashed.


New Features and Improvements


1. Added new Customer Display support to allow for larger rear display (e.g., 15”, 10”, and 7” LCD displays and secondary monitors). The displays settings allow you to view static and dynamic images, files, websites, and slide shows, and register open/close status to provide better store and advertising information to customers.
2. Migrated program to System Aware DPI scaling which allows RetailEdge forms to have a much crisper look.
3. Added the ability to always update Shopify Title and Description information to allow better management of Shopify item’s information from RetailEdge.
4. Increased Quicklist/Touchscreen pages from 10 to 20 to allow 280 touchscreen items.
5. RetailEdge now limits printing of labels to 10,000 labels to prevent large print jobs from appearing to freeze the program.
6. When viewing items in a purchase order, pressing enter will now open the PO item editor.
7. Sales, Customer and Inventory managers and Vendor, Receiving, PO and TO Lists now all remember column size and column order.
8. Extended VAT pricing now shows on bottom of both sales screens.
9. Added new inventory editing that allows for quantities as large as
10. Added Toshiba HSP100 receipt printer to device definitions.
11. Added better error reporting to better identify the error source and allow user to enter additional information about what caused the error.
12. Added customer pre-purge report to show user what customers will be deleted based on the entered filter criteria.
13. Auto-generating Purchase Orders based on sales, now has the option to exclude on-order and on-transfer quantities from the calculation.
14. Customer Non-Sellers report now has a date range filter.
15. Added security to restrict inventory quantity editing per location.
16. Removed the ability to delete a partially received Transfer Orders. Partially received TOs now must be fully received or corrected and unposted in order to be deleted.
17. Improved Inventory Purge now excludes inventory imports from Last Action Date filter and provides a pre-purge report showing items included in the purge.
18. Purchase Orders created by adding items in the sales screen will now display in the order they were entered on the sales screen if your PO/TO location settings are set to “Sort by Order of Entry”.
19. Added new allowable network IP range (172.16.X.X – 172.31.X.X) to RetailEdge database server.
20. Improved format of closing history report to better separate register and complete closes.
21. Reconfigured Advanced Receipt Options to allow displaying of Item ID on receipts.
22. Invoice Reports will now show PO numbers associated with the sale.
23. RetailEdge will now display a warning when trying to add a deleted item to receiving, a purchase order, or transfer order.
24. Renamed the RECAP email utility to Email Sales Receipts utility. This is free to Gold and Silver customers and allows you to email all your sales receipts pre-set email addresses to help you keep tabs on your RetailEdge sales.
25. Added Terms field on Vendor Editor that will automatically populate a PO terms field when the vendor is added to the PO.
26. Add Website field to Vendor Editor.
27. Added Card Entry Method (swiped, contactless, dipped, handkeyed, dipped) on receipts when using integrated credit card processing.
28. Added What’s New Main Page, Support, Video Links, etc. options to Help Menu.
29. Added limits to program to allow fractional inventory quantities to 4 decimal places.
30. Changed mechanism for looking up matrix children on sales screen. This will allow children to be found if the child stock numbers have been renamed/changed from a value matching the parent.
31. Changed naming posted TO form from Cancel to Exit to make it clearer that changes will not be lost when exiting the screen.
32. Added First Name(B) Last Name(B) option in custom receipt definitions.
33. Added security settings to allow editing inventory quantities, prices, and advanced price/cost options for other locations.
34. Added new chevron button (down arrow) on Customer, Sales, Inventory, and Vendor Manager screens that hides lower part of screen with detail information. This allows users with smaller monitors to see more items in the upper part of these manager screens and is found on the lower right-hand portion of the upper section.
35. Added the ability to use the PICs list to receive against a Transfer Order.
36. Added ability to copy weight information from matrix parents to children.
37. Added Find button/F4/Ctrl-F function for Transfer Order Editor screen.
38. Added new PICS Inventory Compare – with Costs report.
39. Non-entered items now show unit price on receipt and no longer show an N/A Stock Number/Item Number.





1. Posting and un-posting of Transfer Order no longer causes an access violation in certain conditions.
2. RetailEdge now displays an error and warning messages when a custom receipt definition (Workstation Settings Receipt Options 1 tab) is invalid or not working properly.
3. RetailEdge now better handles sales postings with millisecond differences better. This can cause issues when posting sales batches automatically (closings, recurring billings, etc.) on faster computers where postings might occur only milliseconds apart.
4. Setting margins in Price Calculator when in VAT mode, does not properly adjust Prices 2-5.
5. Return form is now properly displayed on systems with lower resolutions.
6. Custom Receipt Definition for Full Page now properly displays “Receipt” for standard sales.
7. Matrix children generation from parent now only have the option to create all children when editing parent in Inventory.
8. Fixed label definitions that could field values to be cut off on right side.
9. Miscellaneous button enabling/disabling based on highlighted sales record.
10. Toolbar label button now works when there are non-stock items in receiving and RetailEdge is in VAT mode.
11. Added new validation to Transfer Order to prevent creation of new matrix children when adding items from a parent to a TO.
12. Matrix definitions can no longer be saved with no dimensions set.
13. Evaluated Global Genius Line Item Display (LID) “Payment In Progress” message that can be displayed when there is a network error or multiple sales screens are attempting to write to the device. No action taken.
14. Pressing ESC on a report preview now properly closes report and not the reporter selector.
15. Fixed format of inventory CSV import failure list.
16. Fixed Sales Screen display issues when item has a zero-inventory quantity and RetailEdge is set to warn user when item is not available.
17. The sales screens price/quantity prompt now properly shows the item stock type when an item has a stock type: Store Credit Issued at POS.
18. Fixed display issue in manager and grids that caused selected record to be hidden when using ctrl-end, page up and down, and up and down arrows.
19. Genius LID now works properly displays weight of variable weight items.
20. Changed QuickBooks Online export to allow blank Class values. Class references are not supported with some QBO service levels.
21. REDI inventory import now properly handles items that have automatic addons set.
22. Fixed Locally and Brandify date modified issue and All and None button functionality.
23. Fixed issue with viewing RECON log viewer.
24. Improved Cloud server logging.
25. Shipping and Coupon SKUs with Modern Retail settings no longer finds deleted items.
26. Ctrl+Alt+P now properly displays cost and margin for items on a sale with Dynamic Cost items.
27. Customer Export – House Charge Balance now works properly.
28. PICs Update Form now enables TO Number dropdown when selected.
29. Fixed formatting issue with printing and reprinting of older tape style serial receipts.
30. Fixed tab order on receipt options screen.
31. Fixed calculations on allocated inventory to prevent exponential numbers.
32. Changed alternate IP addresses on update mechanism.
33. Added new validation to strip newline characters in matrix, class, department, location, clerk, and class names that can be occur when cutting and pasting or importing data into RetailEdge.
34. Fixed issue where setting receipt count on Receipt Printer 1 and Receipt Printer 2 does not work properly.
35. 2-Line display now works properly when receipt printers 1 and 2 are enabled in the workstation settings.
36. The custom receipts now use the proper language file for system tags that can’t be modified in the custom receipt (i.e., Loyalty Balance, Account Invoice, etc.).
37. Adding a discount code when selling a package item no longer displays an error.
38. Posting and un-posting transfer orders no longer displays an access violation under certain circumstances.
39. Mouse scroll wheel can now be used in Workstation Settings.
40. Added validation when saving Payment Methods, to prevent the unintended use of the underscore (_) at the beginning of an existing payment method. The underscore is a reserved value that allows creation of a blank button in the touch payment screen.
41. Popup menus options on lower manager screens and now are enabled/disabled to reflect only available options.
42. Added new startup information and options to RetailEdge Demo.
43. Print Labels button on Receiving screen now properly allows printing from “This Location Only”
44. Transfer Order screen now shows the line count at the bottom of the screen.
45. Several fixes to RECON and Island synchronization to handle differences in time between the server and the Island/local computers (at the millisecond level). This could cause issues with QB Online exports and Closing reports.
46. Fixed several user interface problems.
47. Apostrophes in discount rule name no longer causes problems with Shopify order imports.
48. Matrix Parents without children no longer cause an error with Shopify item exports.