New RetailEdge Update: 8.2.79

RetailEdge 8.2.79 Release Notes


Published November 15, 2022


This release is minor release that fixes some problems found in the 8.2.78 release.


New Features and Improvements


  1. Added new customer Generic/Walk-In Customer option, to allow more efficient integrated credit card processing when using generic (i.e., zip code, walk-in) customers on a sale.
  2. Added a zoom option to the fullscreen touch sales screen’s lower right-hand corner. The fullscreen touch sales screen prevents access to other RetailEdge forms and only allows one sales screen to be open at a time.  The zoom option allows users who prefer this sales screen to adjust the dimensions of the sales screen which can be useful when using larger monitors.


  1. Cash rounding no longer incorrectly affects the non-cash payments when selecting rounding for Cash only.
  2. Tax exempt customers are now properly updating the sale items’ taxability when the customer is added after items have been added to the sale.
  3. Fixed miscellaneous typos.
  4. Modified validation to prevent users from inadvertently scanning UPCs into the price of an item (discounting these items can negatively affect the item’s cost and discount percentages). This validation will now only be performed on the payment screen.
  5. Fixed access violation when pressing the keyboard icon button on the touch sales screen and then pressing the options button.
  6. Fixed a few display options on the sales touch screen entry fields (cursors, item/customer display names).
  7. On a Finder window, changing the Find By after changing the Search Type, no longer causes the Search Type to revert to its original value.