Purging Log Files: Why, How, and When

Okay, how many of you see this image above when you start RetailEdge? Chances are most of you have seen it if you have been running longer than a year. This Anthony Cares is about dispelling myths about why it’s important to purge this data and how to do it.

From Anthony:
I am going to mix it up on this one and start with the FAQ section.


Q.What are the Log Files?
A.They consist of auditing data behind many of the tasks in RetailEdge. This data is not viewable to RetailEdge users and is used by us typically in certain circumstances.

Q. Why should I purge the Log Files if I don’t even see the data when I use RetailEdge?
A. Because we said so… Just kidding. You should because it is wasted space on the system and slows down the process of creating RetailEdge Backups.

Q. Why do you recommend archiving a backup of the data before purging the log files?
A. The answer here is because there can be a use of the Auditlog for future tech support calls just in case.

Q. When or how often should I purge these log files?
A. Every 6 months

How to Purge the Log Files

1. Create a RetailEdge Backup.

2. Select Tools | Purge | Log Files.

3. On the Purge Logs window select Next.

4. By Default, RetailEdge selects a date 6 months before the current date. You can change this date by Selecting the Set Purge Filter Criteria Button. It Is Recommended to use the date RetailEdge generates. Select Next.

5. Select the Run Log File Purge button.

6. You will see a prompt. Select yes. The utility will run and you will be greeted with a Purge Complete window.