QuickBooks POS vs. RetailEdge

An Open Letter to QuickBooks POS Expats #


Are you scrambling to try to figure out what you’re going to do once QuickBooks POS is discontinued?  Are you unsure whether the replacement that Intuit is corralling you towards is the right fit for you? Then we have deemed you a QuickBooks POS expat. Fear not though! Let us compare QuickBooks POS vs. RetailEdge and show you what we can do for you.

RetailEdge was developed in 1989 by a retailer from Vermont, who realized a traditional point of sale (a cash register) and inventory management (a pen and paper) were just not cutting it. He founded and developed RetailEdge – a true point of sale and inventory management software, developed by retailers, for retailers. Our sales and award-winning technical support staff are located right here in the US, who use RetailEdge every day to ring in sales and log customer activity just like you would.

Unlike QB POS who only gave you one choice to integrate processing credit cards with (their own Intuit Merchant Services, nice), we believe our customers can and should negotiate their own rates. While two of our options are a traditional interchange+ model, the third option gives you a flat rate with no hidden fees- significantly simplifying your monthly processing statements with no rate creep.

Let us be very clear: RetailEdge is NOT a payment processor or bank in disguise with a front end POS as an afterthought (like other big names). We do have merchant partners to integrate credit card processing into RetailEdge, but we let you shop around to find the best rates for yourself.

You might be asking yourself “I liked QuickBooks POS, I’ve used it for years, and don’t really want to switch. But why should I consider a POS I’ve never heard of before, and not go with what Intuit is recommending?”

Great question, and we’re here to tell you- RetailEdge has many similarities to QuickBooks POS.

First off, RetailEdge uses almost all of the same peripheral hardware and devices you probably already have. This includes Windows computers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, label printers, cash drawers, monitors, etc. No need to go out and buy new equipment, or get sold on low-quality all-in-one white boxes and monitors with a square logo slapped on the front and call it revolutionary. What you have will work just fine with RetailEdge.

Additionally, the data you have been collecting in QuickBooks POS will not be for nothing. Part of what we do here is convert your data from your current POS into RetailEdge, saving you a ton of time re-scanning your inventory, re-entering in your customers and vendors, etc. Here is just some of the data we can convert into RetailEdge from QuickBooks POS:

    • Inventory items
    • Vendors
    • Customers
    • Store credit
    • Gift card balances
    • Loyalty Dollars
    • Barcodes/Labels*
    • House charge balances with dates
    • Layaways

*No need to re-ticket your whole store! We can import your existing pricing labels. Saving you even more time.

Local Data and not a SaaS Model #

RetailEdge is an installed software on your computer or tablet, with the data server sitting locally on it, just like QB POS, with a one-time pricing model. All of your data is on that computer and not relying on an internet connection to grab it from someone’s Cloud server*. This means:

  • Continue to make sales when the internet is slow or down
  • No required ongoing monthly fees – Optional program updates just $5/month
  • Automatic synchronization when the internet is back up
  • No big data mining happening behind the scenes
  • You don’t have to pay monthly for access to your own data- You control and have access to everything
  • No sluggish cash drawer pops or receipt printers. Your POS will run as fast as ever even if internet is slow or down.

We do have optional cloud services available as a hybrid solution for secure, multi-location synchronization and data redundancy though!

Integrations and Applications #

RetailEdge can send your closing data to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop at the end of each night. Desktop is free for everyone, while QB Online is available for free for customers on the gold level support plan ($45 per location per month)

RetailEdge also integrates with a whole suite of applications at your disposal, called RECAP (RetailEdge Centralized Application Platform). Including:

  • Quickbook Desktop Enterprise
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Ecommerce integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Woocommerce
  • Shells (A personal cloud computer that lets you access RetailEdge from an iOS or Android machine)
  • ShipStation
  • Locally
  • Brandify
  • Email Receipts
  • Management One

While we’re similar to Quickbooks POS, there are also some differences as well.

Complete Multi-Store Management #

With RetailEdge, you can easily edit and manage any locations’ data from any of the other locations.

Open Orders, Layaways/House Charges, and Gifts #

  • Leave sales open for things like rentals and repair services
  • Set items aside as a layaway order for your customers
  • Create registries in RetailEdge for your customers.
  • Get custom branded gift cards for your store right through RetailEdge- no processing fees

Service, Repair, and Rentals #

Create work orders, track repair status, accept deposits and create quotes for customers without paying extra for the tools.

In Closing #

If you’ve made it this far, we thank you for taking the time to learn about us. If you want to see RetailEdge in action, you can download the RetailEdge demo right to your computer for free and play around with it- no intruding sales calls or appointments needed, and it’s the real, full program.

Follow along with tutorials from our YouTube Channel to get a feel for it, and then if you feel like it, give us a call or email to talk about how RetailEdge can work for your business.