Planning to Reopen your Business Post-Coronavirus

With states starting to phase in businesses at a limited capacity, retailers are wondering what business life will be like. Will consumers be quick to shop in-person, or will a number of them still prefer to shop curbside and online? While we may not know these specific answers right now, there are some ways we can help prepare you as much as we can with the access to resources and material to reimagine a safe and coordinated re-opening strategy.

Great Resources
Our partners at Management One have uploaded a free Coronavirus Town Hall Discussion on Retail Recovery, available on YouTube. This discussion features guest speakers representing two of the largest retail communities in the industry and gives great insight into today’s blog topics. Management One also created a Recovery Playbook you can either download, or watch the summary. This was the conclusion to a 6-part webinar series that is available to all retailers (paid clients or not), you just have to email them and request the recordings.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our RetailEdge POS YouTube Channel! We offer short, easy-to-follow tutorials and tips for maximizing your overall knowledge of RetailEdge.

Prepare your Inventory
As you prepare to open, now is the time to make sure that your store is in order and your staff is prepared. If you have an integrated web store it is critical that your inventory is accurate. If not, this could lead to a bad online experience for your customers. If you need to perform a physical inventory, the tools you need are readily available and can even be done with your existing hardware.

Prepare your Sanitation Protocols
Social distancing and sanitation protocols are likely to still be in place for some time. State and local officials are figuring out exactly what this will mean for reopened businesses as we continue with this new normal. Check out our quick blog outlining the best ways to clean and disinfect your checkout counter.

Pending & Future Product Orders:
Once your inventory is accurate it is time to start planning for the future. What do you really need right now? What do you have pending? Can any of these orders be pushed back or modified? Are you using PO’s? Using Purchase Orders in RetailEdge allows you to control your inventory and create legal, binding contracts with your vendors that you can use to your advantage if something in the process goes awry.

Skip ahead to this section of the Management One webinar for the answer to these questions and more.

Other Resources
As always, you can always take a look at our “Getting Ready for the Future” section of our COVID Response page for additional resources, guides, and insights for getting your business ready to re-open when we are back to the new normal post-coronavirus.

If you are using RetailEdge and there is anything you need help with for your business, please reach out to us! We are fully staffed, working from home, and ready to assist you. Thank you.