RetailEdge 8.2.49 Software Update

Published April 18, 2017

The release primarily adds RetailEdge Centralized Application Platform (RECAP) that allows for advanced connectivity to external applications, e-commerce sites and retail analysis programs. It also includes a number of user suggestions and fixes.

New Features

1. Added RECAP controller with connections to Shopify, Modern Retail, ManagementONE, Dashboard, Remote E-mail Utility, and Ship Station.

2. Added a Copy Workstation feature.

3. Negative Receiving (only negative) will now a automatically perform a case break if needed.

4. E-mailed receipts now have a subject that reads “Sales Receipt – Store Name” and an attachment file name of Receipt_Ticket.PDF (e.g. Receipt_12345.PDF). E-mailed POs now have an attachment filename of PONumber.PDF.

5. Added a number of Logic Layer JSON Performance Improvements.

6. Added new security tag for reusing customer’s last card on file.

7. Added new IP-based URL fallback if we encounter an error with the primary URL for more robust update status checking.

8. Added section for Returns to the tape style closing report.

9. Tape Style Closing Report now includes both a Close Date and a Print Date to limit confusion.

10. Reduced font on EMV receipt information to reduce overall receipt length.

11. Added additional Hamachi troubleshooting information when Hamachi fails to start in multi-location or Island installations.

12. Changed the order of invoices and payments on statements to the invoice date to allow the invoice to better display backdated payments.

13. Copy to PO and Copy to TO functions on the Inventory Manager now have the ability to name the new POs and TOs. If the field values are left blank, RetailEdge will create an automatically generated value.

14. Changed tape style receipt and the custom receipt so that if multiple copies of the receipt are printed, the credit card receipt will only print once.

15. On the find item screen for the Sales Screen when the “Include On Order Quantity” checkbox is checked RetailEdge will now display a Price (PO) column showing the highest Price1 value found for the item/loc. This can be useful to indicate future price changes when creating quotes.

16. Relaxed demo limits to allow new customers to test RetailEdge with larger inventory and customer files. The new demo limit is 100 sales transactions.

17. A Complete Sale – Amount Off Discount Rule’s description is now used on the sales screen to represent the coupon. The coupon code itself can stay short to facilitate quicker data entry.

18. Added Email filter to Customer Exports.

19. Added the ability to map and add new payment methods to the Modern Retail web integration. This allows for better future payment method flexibility (PayPal, etc.).

20. Removed restriction to require State on Modern Retail orders to better handle international orders. State is required only if Country is US.

21. Added a new PO report with unit cost and extended price.

22. Updated Help file.

23. Added Last Sale Date to Customer – Sales Summary export. Export now includes all customers, whether they have sales or not. This can be helpful if you want to see customers who have not been in the store for awhile.

24. Added new security tag to prevent users from closing the Sales Screen after items have been added to it.

25. Added a RECON archive function that in a multi-location that prevents data from being purged from an archive location after being purged from the store location(s).


1. Fixed receipt discount text for items that are weighed but the scale settings are incorrectly set.

2. Inventory Manager Receiving tab totals are now properly calculating totals .

3. Gift card transactions in two different locations performed within a few minutes of each other no longer overwrites one of the gift card transactions.

4. Editing an existing item in the PICs list and then adding an item when the checkbox “keep open after post” no longer produces a record out of date error.

5. Deleting an item from an Open Order/Layaway, then re-adding the item and completing the sale, will now properly adjust the inventory quantities.

6. Account Payment Subtotal label now properly displays the label text instead of the amount.

7. Filtering a Transfer Order by TO Name no longer creates a global exception error.

8. Customers with a blank birthday field in the Customer Table now no longer display birthday of today’s date.

9. Recurring batch will now use customer sales tax jurisdictions if ship this sale is checked.

10. E-mailing from report previewer now properly deletes temporary files.

11. Custom receipts Customer ID will now be blank if no customer is associated with the sale.

12. Items that have prices with three places after the decimal now properly round up at 5 on the sales touch screen.

13. Card on file will now allow you to save without an expiration date when credit card processing is turned off.

14. When creating a priced-by-item package the unit price field is now populated allowing new cost to update properly.

15. Can now properly delete a customer with blank values for Discount Type, Discount Level, or Discount Rate.

16. Added checks to prevent access violation when reprinting a receipt from the sales manager when a receipt is already being printed.

17. Added checks to prevent deletion task files from being repopulated after a purge in a multi-location environment.

18. Copying a sale with a customer with a store credit to the traditional sales screen will now automatically apply the credit to the sale.

19. On the Traditional Sales Screen the Donation Round up no longer causes a memory error.

20. Birthday List Report Shows no longer shows 12/30/1899 for customers with no birthday set.

21. The touch based sales screen no longer allows fractional amounts more than two decimal places to be tendered on a sale if the amount is entered directly.

22. REDI inventory Import now properly uses the location’s Pricing for each item in a multi-location business.

23. Resolved coffee card (punch card) discount rule conflicts with other discount rules.

24. Custom receipt printing with a package item will no longer generate an Access Violation.

25. Removed the restriction that customer street 1 value is required on a CSV import.

26. Deleting a case child item will no longer prevent new children from being associated with the case item.

27. Added check for quantities on a PO when a item is added to a PO and then converted to a matrix parent. RetailEdge matrix parent items should not have quantities associated with them.

28. The custom tape style receipt no longer labeled as Open Order Payment History as Layaway Payment History.

29. Adding an item that prompts for quantity to a sales screen from the inventory manager now properly adds the entered quantity.

30. On the inventory editor screen for a matrix parent, the label on the 3rd dimension now properly displays the matrix definition’s dimension name.

31. The security action for Customer List – Edit Customer Discount now works properly.

32. Loading customer images now works properly when Windows regional settings are set to locales that use multi-byte characters .

33. Package label text now displays correctly on the Package editor.