RetailEdge 8.2.85 Release Notes

RetailEdge 8.2.85 Release Notes #

Published September 27, 2023.

This is a minor release that fixes issues introduced in the last RetailEdge update, but also adds a few new features suggested by our customers. Enjoy!

New Features and Improvements: #

1. Added the ability to move the touch screen page (Quick List) order.
2. Made the Security List searchable on Category, Description, and Level.
3. Added a new discount rule: Discount Triggered by Sale Total – Amount. This discount rule allows you to set discount amounts for different sale totals/tiers. Discount amounts will show up as a coupon line item on the sale.
4. Added better serial number visibility. Serial numbers can now be seen in the Items tab of the Sales Manager, the Items tab of the Customer Manager, and the Sales tab of the Inventory Manager.
5. Changed Customer Manager – House Charge tab balance refresh rate to more quickly show sales made while viewing activity on this tab in RetailEdge.

Fixes: #

1. Prompt for Quantity items and Manually Weighed items now properly accept fractional quantities greater than 3 decimal places.
2. Quick Lookups in receiving now works properly when adding a new item by typing in and modifying an existing item’s item or stock number.
3. Closing Report Summary Report now works properly when selecting multiple days for the same register IDs. This could also impact QuickBooks exports.
4. Fixed position of Quick Lookups check box on Receiving and Purchase Order item screens.
5. Fixed issue with serial number quantity warning on traditional Sales Screen.
6. Activity notes now open in the proper monitor with staggered multi-monitor setups.
7. Changing the location of serial numbers in multi-location businesses is now possible.
8. Removed the reference to the device timeout on Worldpay TriPOS settings since this value is not used in RetailEdge.
9. Items and Sales by Register Reports no longer hang when customer filters are selected.
10. Items by Bin/Shelf Report now works properly.
11. Fixed issue in discount rule: Discount Triggered by Sale Total – Percent, that would remove the rule from all the sale items when one of the items was excluded from the rule.