RetailEdge Ends Support for Windows 7

What does “End of Life” (EOL) mean in the technological industry? It means Windows 7 is old enough now where Microsoft itself no longer puts out security patches or updates to the operating system. Doing this makes Windows 7 vulnerable for hackers, bugs, and overall slowness until its eventually as dead as AOL Instant Messenger (R.I.P). Windows 7 joined Windows XP and Vista in the graveyard on January 14th, 2020. Windows 7 has been out in the wild with unpatched bugs and security risks for two whole years now, making your systems (and the data on it) extremely vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and overall slowness.


Our Technical Support team at RetailEdge has encountered numerous issues assisting users with old operating systems in the past. That is why as of Monday, January 17, 2022, we no longer support RetailEdge workstations running on Windows 7 computers, regardless of Support Plan. Some of the tools we use, including remote access to log in with you, may stop working with Windows 7. In short: We physically will be unable to assist you if you need help on that machine.


If you have a problem with RetailEdge or hardware integrated into a Windows 7 machine, Technical Support will not be able to help until you have upgraded to at least Windows 10. That includes front registers, back office machines, RetailEdge Island workstations, etc.


We have had some calls so far about moving machines and trust me, it can be lot easier than you think! Here are our minimum and recommended specifications for different devices when shopping for a new computer. The important thing is we are here for you to make this transition as seamless as possible!