RetailEdge Officially Ends Tech Support for Computers Running Windows XP

It’s official: Our technical support agents will no longer support computers running Windows XP or POS Ready 2009. Our deadline for this was June 18th, 2017.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP over three years ago. We made the decision as a company to support RetailEdge on XP systems for a transitional time period, but it is now time to move on. The XP platform is no longer secure and has become too burdensome to support.

We have been warning folks about this change for a long time via phone conversations, blog and forum posts, and email blasts. If anyone is still using Windows XP or POS Ready 2009, it is time to replace or upgrade your computers. We highly recommend migrating your system to the most recent version, Windows 10.

RetailEdge customers using Windows XP on our Gold Level service plan have been moved to Silver, simply because we cannot help you anymore and you shouldn’t have to pay for a service we cannot provide until you upgrade to a newer version of Windows.

Please please give us a call at 802-549-4617 or email us at so we can help you make the switch. Whether you want more information, looking for recommendations, or want to schedule an appointment for a system migration, we are here to help you!