Configuration Settings for Barcode-X App for doing RetailEdge Physical Inventory

Hello everyone! The end of the year rapidly approaching, and we hope that all of you get out in front of your physical inventories by performing them soon. With the unfortunate demise of the RetailEdge PICS app that so many of you love, we have found an alternate app that does the exact same job as our PICS app.

It’s called Barcode-X by Alto Labs, and can be downloaded from both the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Here we will show you how to configure the settings of Barcode-X so the values line up when importing into RetailEdge.

DISCLAIMER: High Meadow Business Solutions/RetailEdge is not the developer of Barcode-X, nor has any official relationship with its creator, Alto Labs. High Meadow Business Solutions can not provide technical assistance with the configuration or Export of data and is providing the following document as an informational resource. Please refer the FAQ Section at the end of this blog for more details.

1. Download Barcode-X by Alto Labs from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
2. Select Settings icon

3. Adjust the settings for your Barcode Symbology’s your business uses
* Labels generated from RetailEdge use Code 128, or Interleaved 2 of 5 for jewelry style labels.
* The Android version does not support Interleaved 2 of 5 which is used on RetailEdge Jewelry style labels.

4. Scan options Settings

For most use cases the default settings do not need to be adjusted. But feel free to adjust the settings to a behavior that suits your preferences.

5. Adjust the CSV Export Options

  1. Change the following settings
    1. Item csv Separator from ; to ,
    2. time format to no time
    3. Toggle off:
      1. Export header
      2. Export Timestamp
      3. Export Description



6. . Adjust the Columns order:
Adjust the order to the following from first to last: Barcode, Quantity, Timestamp, Description

Fhew you made it!

Q: Why provide a document if you are not going to support the use of the Application?
A: We understand that it maybe confusing, but the reason we are unable to provide support is that this application is the property of Alto Labs. We do not have control over the application nor any potential changes they may make to the application. With that said, we have seen several RetailEdge users use this app and while for the most part it works for PICS there have been some cases where the app was configured in a way that caused issues with PICS. We documented the configuration that typically works best.

Q: I use Jewelry Labels made from RetailEdge, How do I enter them in the app.
A: You will have to manually enter the ItemID value on the Label.

Q: I Use UPC-E Barcodes, My Scanners on the Point of Sale system transmit the leading zero but not the trailing check digit.
A: Unfortunately we do not know of a setting in this application that allows to modify sending either the Leading or Check Digits. You will have to manually modify the file or edit the items in the RetailEdge PICS List.

Q: I am sending the file from the App but it is not sending via email.
A: We have seen this on the Apple iOS version. This is due to an email account not being configured on the device itself. You will want to configure an email in General phone settings as well as select the toggle for Cellular Data.