RetailEdge Version 8.2.83 Release Notes

Published May 30, 2023.

This release is a minor release that adds a few credit card integration features and improves reliability. Also includes some minor usability features and fixes.

New Features and Improvements #

  1. Added Tipping to Card Connect integration.
  2. Added a new Location Setting on the Misc tab to turn off the ability to Add prices to new items based on Default Margins.
  3. Improved transaction error checking with Global Genius integration.
  4. Improved workflow on Sales Touch Screen when touching Search By field.
  5. Increased speed of cancelling transactions with Card Connect Integration when initiated by clerk.
  6. Tip functions now provide clearer User Tip text on tip adjustment sales items.
  7. Updated Shopify API version to 2023-01.
  8. Improved RECON/Island synchronization to prevent random disconnects from server during periods of heavy activity.

Fixes #

  1. Fixed VAT receipts to make line-item totals match taxable receipt total when items are consolidated.
  2. Changed Purchase Order receiving behavior to allow receiving when the total between locations on same item is 0 (e.g., -5 Location A, +5 location B), to make it easier to correct mistakes.
  3. Fixed label on Receiving Transfer Orders.
  4. Sales Screen Ask for Extended Price Item now properly back calculates the quantity when you press the Ok Button.
  5. Disabled add button on purchase orders and transfer order screen to prevent incorrectly receiving 0 quantity.
  6. Change Today to Current label on purchase order and receiving screens to make the option more visible to users.
  7. The Copy Discount Rule button on the Discount Rule list now opens a new copy of the selected discount under certain conditions.
  8. Changed reference in Help Menu from Forums to the new Knowledge Base.
  9. The highlighted record is now properly displayed when maximizing manager forms when maximizing is shrinking the form.
  10. Removed security from Quick Table Check to allow check to occur when the action list has been damaged.
  11. Voiding a transaction with Card Connect integration no longer creates an access violation.
  12. Card Connect integration now properly asks for PIN when returning to debit card.
  13. Fixed condition that can cause additional instances of Store Credit payments on Sales Screen.