Sales Features

RetailEdge's sales features are designed to handle lot of different types of business needs. In addition to traditional sales RetailEdge can handle, quotes, deposits, layaways, store credits and house charges. A more comprehensive list of sales features can be found here.
Maybe. Your bank might be using the processors we work with and we are always trying to add more processors to our list of approved processors. To find out more about how credit card processing works with RetailEdge check out our forums and the processors we use.

Yes. We have multiple credit card processing partners we work with. This is part RetailEdge's great value. We encourage you to compare rates and then come see what what are partners can do for you.

RetailEdge has full clerk tracking giving you a way to track their performance and to incentivize them to sell more.

Yes we can export summary account adjustments directly into Quickbooks.
To see how this works, check out our forums or download our demo and run a closing report.
The closing report totals and adjustments will show you the account adjustments that will be made in Quickbooks.

RetailEdge has a fully customizable tape style and invoice style receipt.
To allow you to take advantage of different receipt messages, logos, store locations, international language regulations and sales tax regulatory requirements.
In addition the receipts allow you to add or remove information from the receipt to make it shorter or longer and change the font and the width so that you can print to wider receipt printers 3-1/8" standard or smaller 2" receipt formats for mobile receipt printers.

RetailEdge allows you to print out receipts but you can also e-mail them to your customers.

In addition, RetailEdge through our RECAP utility can e-mail your store's receipts to a predefined number of e-mail addresses so that you can instantly know through your e-mail what is happening at the store.

No. We generally stay away from features that we either feel are not core retail POS features or some other program is already doing well for less than we could (i.e., Quickbooks for accounting, Shopify for e-commerce, etc.).
In the case of a time clock, there are lots of features that are important to a good time clock including mobile workforce, geolocation, vacation accrual and approval, sick leave tracking, tracking employee absences, full scheduling, working with biometrics and cameras, job code tracking with budgets, tracking billable job time, etc.
Not to mention giving you the tools to keep up with the regulatory requirements and changes.

Companies like Time Clock Plus do them affordably and better than we could at RetailEdge.