Switching Labels on the Zebra Label Printer

Many times users will need to switch the labels to print tags and labels on different items. For instance if you are printing on gift items, you might use the 1.2″ x 0.85″ labels or if you are labeling jewelry you might want to print to the Jewelry (butterfly) labels. When using the Z-Designer driver this can cause problems. Especially when switching between a label that has Black Marks and one that does not. You may need to re-align the labels using the driver to make sure that RetailEdge prints correctly on the label.

When using Jewelry Label Stock with the large Black Marks on their underside in order to move the Text of the label downwards do the following:

1. Right click on the Z-Designer Driver in Devices and Printers

2. Left click on Printer Properties.

3. Press the Preferences button, and then left click on the Advanced Setup Tab. Make sure that the Media type equals “Label with marks”. Further down the page, adjust the Offset value. Try changing the Offset to 0.12 from 0.00. This change should move the print further down the label.

If this does not cause a change try putting a Check in the “Top of form backup” box and then pressing the Calibrate button at the bottom.