Tax Free Weekends with RetailEdge

During tax-free weekends (weeks, in some cases), participating U.S. states cut sales tax on certain items and make back-to-school shopping a little more affordable.

When is tax-free weekend? It varies by state. If you don’t know when or if your state participates in Tax Free Weekend you can find out by clicking here.

We have had some questions from customers about how to navigate cutting sales tax on certain departments and items, so here is our guide!


How To: Create a Jurisdiction for Tax Free Day  #


  1. In RetailEdge, go to Tools > Tax Jurisdictions
  2. Press Add on the Tax Jurisdiction List.
  3. Type in a Jurisdiction Name (Something like “Tax Free”) and a Base Rate of 0%
  4. Press Save
If there are certain items that are excluded or exempt from tax free day, follow these instructions on how to Create Tax Exemptions and 2-Tiered Tax Rates.


On the morning of tax free day, on one of the computers in the store, go to Tools > Settings > Location > Modify the appropriate location. Locate the tab titled Sale Tax. Edit the default tax jurisdiction, remove the existing one, and add in the new one you created. Save and close. Be sure to restart RetailEdge on ALL computers in the location so each machine picks up the new settings.

When the tax free weekend is over just go back into your location settings and switch them back.


We hope this helps you navigate Tax Free Weekend in RetailEdge! Please reach out if you have any questions.