Add-Ons for Up Selling and Cross Selling

Up-selling or cross selling is an easy way to increase your business’ sales. RetailEdge’s
AddOns feature will allow you to easily do this.

When creating or modifying an inventory item simply press the AddOns tab and enter the items you want to have the clerk prompted to sell. When the item is added to the Sales Screen, the list of AddOns will be displayed prompting the clerk to ask your customer if they would like any of the items.

Click here for more on creating AddOns.

Other Items

  • AddOns can also be used to make sure particular items are always sold with a particular item. For instance a printer that always needs a cable.
  • AddOn items can be set to be automatically added to the sale (e.g., bottle deposits) by checking the Automatically Load.. checkbox,
  • AddOns will be added to the sales screen with same quantity as the original item. If you want different quantity and pricing, Packages are the way to go.

You can also use RetailEdge’s Item Notes Notify at Sales Screen feature when something must not be added to another item (Opposite of an AddOn).