Tip No. 022 – Using RetailEdge Discount Rules

RetailEdge has a large number of discount mechanisms (sales screen discounting, manual overrides, price levels, etc.). However the discount rules available from the Inventory menu item provide the most powerful discounting methods.

Why use discount rules?

The types of discounts are documented in the program and on-line help files but are some reasons why you might want to use discount rules.

1. Provide clerk perks (Cost Plus Discounts)
2. Complex discounts that can’t be quickly calculated and might slow the sales (BOGO, Mix and Match).
3. Incentivize your customers (Local customers from Postal Code 05255 get 10% off on Thursdays).
4. Provide vendor promotions (All items from Vendor ABC discounted 30%).
5. Increase business during slow periods (happy hour!)
6. Reduce inventory levels (end of year specials)
7. Customer discounts based on sales history (if you buy $100 in the previous week you get 20% off on Sunday).
8. Automatic Coupons ($10 off on Fridays).

Do you have some others?

If you have some other ways you use discount rules let us know so we can share them.